Goodbye Lva – Munichs best curbspot – gone…

May 2, 2007 at 11:46 pm (Skating)

Somehow Munich loses is curbspots faster than lightning.
First the good old Maintrainstationcurbs got capped
then Wettersteinplatz and now LVA – probably the most famous spot in munich…

Over the years so many people skated there – munich skating legend Bruno Löwe, Usd Pro Carlos Pianowski
and thousand other well known and unknown skaters enjoyed this spot.

lva - munichlva - munich 2lva - munich 3

Damn – ill miss the sessions there.

Pictures: Dagmar



  1. nilpferd said,

    ahh this nice spot, damn I’ll miss them

  2. Dagmar said,

    most of the spot is gone, there is still one curb left at the and at the stairs (the low curb), but the rest, which was more fun is gone

  3. tom.bohus said,

    damn. i wanted to go there cos i will go to berlin for 3 days in the summer.

  4. hollarolla said,

    diese schweine! haben sich beim cappen sichtlich muehe gegeben!

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