New – old videoprofile – dp-able

May 4, 2007 at 3:05 pm (Skate video, Skating)

Sooo i found that “old” profile on my computer the other day
and decided to share it with you guys.
Hope you like it – feel free to drop a comment…

yeah the filming sucks – i know – told you its old 😉
Song: Busta Rhymes – This means war
Editing: Danielll


  1. b0ng said,

    nice vid,nice tricks mach weiter so =)

  2. bes said,

    ich glaub immer noch, dass ich mir auch nur beim zugucken den hals brechen würd^^


  3. nilpferd said,

    ah ich will den track hab kann ihn mir jemand schicken (ICQ 207192210, MSN

  4. LoLy said,

    Red t-shirt, big pants and cap??? Do u really know that guy??? I think i saw him some years ago in Barcelona… and i don’t know why he didn’t won the x-battle… if u see him someday tell him that i felt in love with him… xPPP

  5. Nicolas said,

    hmmmmmm war ich ich da etwa schon =) ismaning heimstetten jaja minga und umgebung ist schon toll =)

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