A letter from the prosecution – Ein Brief von der Staatsanwaltschaft

May 7, 2007 at 2:48 am (Danielll, Skating, Tales)

Today i received a letter from the prosecution Munich

The preliminary proceeding against you is stopped (19.04.2007) due to § 170 paragraph 2 criminal procedure…

The story?

Well, we skated St.Quirins Platz in munich (a flat and a steep rail in a metrostation) when an old lady started to freak out and called the police. Of course we left cause we didnt want to get more trouble than necessary – but some hours later we came back and skated again. This time the private metro securities came and told us to leave – before we could even grab our backpacks one of them noticed scratches even on the rails that you cant skate cause they`re to close to the wall.
They wrote our names down and sent us away you cant sit there to take you skates off – hanging out is forbidden here
Some days later we got mail that we have to pay for the removal of the scratches.
In the next letter they offered us to polish the hand rails ourselves.
Well Tobis Dad called the guy who should supervise our polishing activities – The guy said he needs to take a look at the rails to let us know what we have to do…
The next day they talked again and the guy told us to come during the week – we said thats its not possible for us cause were from augsburg and not from munich – he answerd that he didnt know that and that its not necessary for us to come from augsburg to polish the rails. He sent a letter and told his superiors telling them that the polishing has been done – the only sad thing is that he really wanted to see us skate them after polishing. – well i guess i can live with that.
Some weeks later we had to give evidence at a police station and we told them that we already sorted the problem out with the Mvv (munich metro…)
Were some lucky bastards – i know.



  1. Maik said,

    haha ihr glücksilze ehhhh 😀

  2. mill said,

    lutscher hahahahahahahhaahahaahahaha on fire wie geil is die story leck mich fett alder haha hammer ohne witz…. an dem spot so glueck habn is ne frechheit

  3. Dima said,

    Damn sounds like those metro guys are bunch of fags

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