Grindhouse Tour Prague + Grindhouse Dvd

May 9, 2007 at 3:46 am (Danielll, Skating)

This weekend ill travel to Prague – probably by train
– maybe with Tobi if he recovers fast enough
– or with Lepszy if I dont want to be there too early
– or with Smith if he finally decides to go…

Why is it impossible to organize something like this?

By the way, you can see a complete section from our last years stop in Prag on the Grindhouse Dvd which is available at Grindhouse for 9,95€
I really like the Dvd – we put a lot of work in it and it was worth it.
If you have the possibility you should check it out for sure!

gh dvd cover
Editing: Chris Behnisch and Daniel Prell (+menu)
Cover design: Dominik Rietzel
Cover shot: Philipp Forstner


1 Comment

  1. kiku_pineda said,

    wassup daniel!! When you will put the photos of barcelona? I want to see them!
    see you!

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