Grindhouse Tour Prague II 2007 – Finalversion

May 15, 2007 at 7:24 am (Grindhouse Tour, Skating)

It all stared at Friday 11th Mai 2007 – The Preparation
0:30 am – when I came home and started to work on a Grindhouse Banner for the be-mag page and finally went to bed without packing at about 4-5 o`clock. At 9:30 the doorbell rang – My new HDV camera arrived. Well I put a battery from my old camera in the new one and it got stuck. I tryed to superglue something on the battery to have a better grip – didnt work – finally I ended up destroying the battery with a caliper and a knife – good start 😉
my new cam(click on images to enlarge them!)

I packed – went to the maintrainstation payed 108€ for the train and noticed that my train had 25 minutes delay – so I`ve asked the informationgirl if theres another train – “no you have to wait – there`s no faster possibility”
I went back to my platform – oh whats that? on the platform opposite to mine was a train with even more delay – going to munich – leaving now… perfect – “no other possibility” – fuck you…
Cause the train was extremely late there was an announcement that in munich there will be free drinks – but the people who want to go to Prague should change as fast as possible – good – I didn`t want any of you free drinks anyway.
The next train was extraordinarily long and there was exactly one free seat in the last wagon – luckily only the first 3 wagons went to my destination and I had to walk all the way back – did I mention that the camera is super heavy and my backpack even worse? Well – finally that didn`t matter at all cause after something like 15 minutes the train stopped due to an damaged engine.
45 minutes later we arrived in Schwandorf where I had to change – unfortunately my connecting train didn`t wait and so I had no other chance than to wait for 1hour15 minutes…
No problem – at least I thought that its no problem – I called Bruno W. in Belgium that he should tell the guy from the hotel that Ill be late (check in was till 9 and I could arrive at about 11) – well Bruno bruised his ankle the day before and could not come to Prague (but already bought the planeticket for 300€). So I called my Girl – she called the guy from the hotel and asked him to wait for me… The hotelguy suggested me to take a taxi cause its dangerous at night…
In Prague I took a taxi and payed 1700CK my hotel was 3700 (2person room for 3 days) – yeah most expensive 5 minutes ever…
Best thing: Ive killed an annoying fly that was sitting on my Kizer backpack…
Good night.

Saturday 12th Mai 2007 – The Tour

First of all – I`m sorry – I forgot nearly all of your guys names! Feel free to drop comments & give me your mail addreses.

At 9:45 am – wtf – it knocked at my door – I hate germans – Maik arrived with Sven H.meister our filmer.
I got dressed and noticed that it started to rain, after some minutes the rain stopped and the sun came out again.
On our way to the meeting point and it started to rain again. At the main train station there were a lot of skaters including Grindhouse Pro Martin D. (and it still rained) but unfortunately we had to wait for P.J. Smith who was supposed to arrive at 1pm. First “spot” was a roundledge – but the police was too close and it wasn`t really skatable – by the way – it stopped to rain again and the sun came out during we walked to the “next” spot.

We met a bunch of superheros!!!superhero prag gh 07Forgot my dress – Fuck!
The spot was “Bercylike” and the security was faster than we so we planed to lead him up the garden path – Maik pretended to skate a curb some meters away while I tryed to fishbrain the square rail… unfortunately I didnt land the fishy first try and we didn`t have another chance… And yes of course it started to rain…
Remember the price of the taxi? I payed 80KC for a metro dayticket. With the metro we went to the skatepark and of course it stopped to rain right when we arrived…
The Hiltonspot: Soul on a shaky old rail – police came but left again.
The security did speak german and smith convinced him to give us some tries on the long flatdropkinkrail…
Talking about Smith he arrived at this spot cause Martin Darnardi and his friend Fero catched him at the station after he called and asked where we are: “im here for one hour now – where are you”.
On the way to the next spot – in the metro – I burped really loud in the microphone of a guy who recorded metro sounds. We laughed and went up the escalator – he followed us and asked if I could do it again – I wasted his recording – he waited for one hour for this special sound… well I could do it again and he recorded it – we filmed… crazy world…

The next spot was a steep rail between two main roads – the police closed both roads because of an inlinemarathon – right in time for our session! We had an huge session there and as a final smith and mike threw me down the grass hill. Next spot High Brown droprail: we walked there. Lots of amazing tricks like: true porn, torque, ao topacid, …smith true porn gh pragSmith – True porn.
After that we walked to the next spot – walking is really annoying – next and last spot the silver pizza rail – I skated it while the others ate pizza and finally Maik tryed to switch bs 50/50 the dropside – probably 20 times – but always slamed after landing…

Wello, after that we went back to the hotel to take a shower – later the others arrived at our hotel and we went to what id like to call the worst club ever. It was so bad – we had way too much fun – but after some beers we left to an other club where Sven drenched me in beer and I won 10€ for drinking a glass of beer that we found in front of the bier pragThis Beer cost Smith 10€.
On our way home we stopped to buy something to eat from some russian sausage dealers who where everything else than friendly… I dont know when but I guess that we went to bed at about 6 and Smith had to take his train back home at 7… Good night.

Sunday 13th Mai – The day after
At 11 o`clock Maik knocked at my door – way too early again… Maik and Sven had to check out at 10 so they packed and we left the hotel – in front of their room sat a woman stuffing socks (for at least one hour) – after leaving the room she turned out to be the cleaning lady. Maik and Sven had breakfast at McDonaldsmäkkis
while I catched Fero and Martin at the hotel… M+S went to the airport and we went to -S-P-A-R-T-A- (the skatepark) to meet with some others and go skating.
It was extremely hot – we left at 15 o`clock – in front of the first spot there where 2 policemen “chilling” we waited till they were gone and decided we didn`t like the rails – instead we went to the supermarket and wasted money on icecream and cold drinks…
Oh yes we saw the first good looking girl in whole Prague in this supermarket and bought another day ticket for the metro.
Next spot a crazy dropledge – The guy with the helmet (yeah I know – I cant memorize names – send me a message if your name is missing somewhere) did it with royal – perfect – sick clip for the Grindhouse dvd… We walked (again) till we found a weird bend kinkrail – Martin did topsoul – I did soul and acid + soul-soul jump the kink…
The next spot was crazy – it was on top of a mountain at a WW monument – and of course we had to climb that mountain…
We had a supersick overview over whole prague + some nice clips from Martin (topsoul-gap)
There also was a crazy gipsy party – weird gipsys dancing and singing in a pavilion – jap I was afraid they could steal my camera…
Well, next spot – after some hours of walking of course – was Feros house where Martin packed his backpack – cause he wanted to come to my hotel this night…

slovaks do it betterSlovaks do it better?
But before we went to -S-P-A-R-T-A- again to drink some beers and eat some bread and cheese while listening to some good old hiphop, but as eating Bread and cheese is not really satisfying we went to buy buy some “real” food – unfortunately I had only 200Vladimirs äh KC left so we went to the supermarket and I bought some bread – salami – spread cheese and berry flavored water for 50KC and ate in the Hotel.
Last coincident for this day – we didn`t have warm water – imagine – walking/skating round the city all day and not having a shower in the evening – sucks? yes – pretty much.

Monday 14thMai 2007 – The last day
Woke up at 11:30 – still no warm water – good – I don`t like showering anyway…
At 12 o`clock it knocked at the door again – I hate Germans – no wait – they already left – Yes? oh you want to clean our room? We had to check out at 10? Oh didn`t know that…
We met for a fotoshooting with the fired guys – by the way – our backpacks where heavy and Martin is the most tired guy I`ve ever met! Well maybe cause I infected him with gastroenteritis (Flesserschiss) enjoy my friend haha…
Well, first spot a ledge to gap martin backroyaled while a pit bull wearing a muzzle tried to eat me – making it impossible to film…
Second spot: A big pile of dogpooh close to a dropledge – It was hot – it was smelly – it was acid to fakie.
And because it was so hot we bought some ice – hyper-extremely-expensive ice – waffle 5Kc +4x47KC (1€ is 27KC)
Third spot: Hugh (nipplehigh) red dropkinkrail – sick – soulgrind – after a million tries – fucking sun burned my skin!
We took the bus (with the worst aircondition ever) and walked for ever – till we arrived a rail with a 40degrees angle.
Martin again was too lazy – but we`ve filmed some sick tricks like pornstar-topacid-royal transfer…
After this session everybody was close to dead hand prag gh 07Dead!
Prague is a sick place but we`ve walked way too much – way tooooo much.
All my muscles hurt and I was saltier than a pretzel stick – sounds like an amazing weekend? It definitely was.
Martin and me went to the station Holoservice (Holoscherwitzsche) where we met Fero and ate at McDoof (thanks Fero for the Vladimirs) – there we met the second good looking girl in Prague – I talked about her and of course she understood english cause she was from the US – embarrassing.
We also met 2 hot Chinese girls that absolutely didn`t speak english but finally ended up sleeping in the same compartment as me. They only had one ticket somehow and didn`t understand the conductor – I showed him my card and confused him so that the second girl only had to pay 8€ for the trip from prague to munich – to return the favor she made my bed, gave me two mandarins and helped me to get my stuff up to my bed – thanks a lot…
I spend 9 hours in this train / reading / gamboying / listening / boring…
warten auf zug

You`ve been there? download the pictures here: pics
Thanks guys for the amazing sessions and the good times! Hope to skate with you soon!

I`ll be back

me in the metro prag gh 07mc do prag gh 07



  1. Dagmar said,

    guter start!
    aha neue cam, hoffe sie taugt 🙂

  2. Maik said,

    fuck i hate germans

  3. Rica said,

    neue cam?! Cool!

  4. Dagmar said,

    haha, nice story
    verplant wie immer, so wie es aussieht
    ja und Germans suck 😉
    aja und man kann aber auch kalt duschen *gg*

  5. MACO said,


  6. Fero said,

    That was kool weekend,

    MIKE is da real freaky disco dancer 🙂

  7. Maik said,

    hahahaha yeh dude:D

    i hope its possible for me to see you and the city soon again

  8. bok said,

    hey Daniel we have the best girls here in Czech, you probably had bad luck 😀 or just love German Hildegardas :)))

  9. Raik said,

    Ich würde sagen Deutschland hat selber genug Czech Girls:)!Die sieht man nur Tagsüber nie 😉 hahaha

  10. bok said,

  11. Prague » Blog Archives » Grindhouse Tour Prague article said,

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