A parcel from powerslide

May 23, 2007 at 7:01 pm (Danielll, products, Tales)

powerslide 23,05

Today at “I don`t know what time it is cause i just woke up” o´clock the doorbell rang and a friendly ups guy delivered a hug parcel (and a small one) from powerslide.

– 2 Kizer Daniel Prell Suspension Frames
– 4 packages of Undercover Daniel Prell wheels
– 2 Usd Emblem Hoodeds black and grey
– 1 Usd Liberate Tee
– 1 pair Usd kneepads
– 1 pair UsdSean Kelso Classic Throne
– 1 pair Sifika Sl 310 slim liner
– 1 pair Sifika Venice black

The Kelso is sooo god damn hot! The new Kizer frame looks amazing – flat setup and still a hugh groove!

Oh – the small package contained my new Windows Cd from Litec… Yeah I actually BUY software!


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  1. Maik said,

    ahahaha krank man…so viel …ich checks nciht…die element frame is nur heiß…wieso 2 suspensions?…4pakete rollen is gut wegs flat setup..also geil…die klamotten sind cool…den skate bekomm cih morgen auch deswegen freu ich mich…aber ich erriner mich noch an deine worte in prag “meine güte ufs throne is so viel geiler als classic!” haha…no matter what…

    keep it up..ich hoffe qwir sehn uns bald…

    hau rein mein dicker..

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