Kelso Classic Throne – a first impression

May 23, 2007 at 10:00 pm (products)

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Unfortunately i`m injured – well not injured but my knee hurts because the screws have to be removed…
So I have to wait one – two – three days till my knees better…
But as I have this hot skate in front of me and I`ve skated classic thrones the whole last year – I`m pretty sure I can tell you something about it 😉 – click to read the rest of the entry

Well, the first thing i`ve noticed is the new and better looking package.
the second thing is: wow the skate looks even better in reality than on pictures. The blue is amazing!
To cut a long story short – I love the looks…

Black Classic Throne Boot comes with the turquoises/baby blue V-cut cuff (not painted)- which is fucking perfect and gives you loads of flexibility in every direction!
As usual the cuff protects the part of the buckle that stands out behind the receptor…
Printed on the cuff theres a dog tag which looks cool without being too eye catching…
The buckle, receptor and cuff screw are black.
To give the skate a softboot look theres a pretty stylish black/white “leather patch” sewed and riveted on the boot.
This “patch” enables you to use a second pair of laces – The skate comes with black and blue laces – looks sick!
The front soulplate is white with a blue USD print and the rear one is black. The soulplate is unchanged,
pretty big but not too big and theres some “extension” in the middle that makes the skate slide faster (less friction) and enables you to bend more over the curb during soul tricks. Due to the fact that they didn`t change the soulplate the
backslide groove stays unchanged too – still perfectly fast for torques and backslides…


The Frame:
Also it`s the first Skate equipped with the brand new KIZER element frame. You can easily skate a flat setup cause the
groove is fucking huge – I know a lot of people love to ride freestyle – probably cause you`ve never skated flat or
your knees hurt less cause your beloved suspension frame eases the impacts…
Flatrocker – that means 8 wheels of the same size – that makes you faster and more agile.
The Skate comes with 8 Genre Sean Kelso 55mm/90a wheels with black/white/blue print on the one and no print on the other side – that fits the color scheme perfectly…
The aluminium of the frame and the small Kizer logos are also blue.
I absolutely love the frame – cant wait to skate it!

element frame

The liner: Liners are really important – with a bad liner the best skate sucks…
Sifika produces some amazing liners! All the old usd skates had problems with liners – specially the heel part of the liners.
Since Sifika and Usd work together the liner problem has been solved! The Kelso Pump liner is sick.
Don`t have to talk about the design – cause it obviously rocks. Black and white. Sean Kelso print on the part sticking out
of the V-cut liner (sean left – kelso right). Really big loop to carry the skate (superimportant).
The liner is comfortable without being too thick padded – If i want something big and fluffy attached to my feet I try to
stuff a sofa in my skate… But probably that would make direct control impossible – the Sifika Kelso is perfect,
thick enough to be comfortable and thin enough to keep the direct control over your skates.
The pump system is a sick add it makes the liner fit your feet 100% better than your old liners…
The tongue is big and comfortable – to keep it from moving when it shouldn`t move theres a rubber band and some kind
of quick lacing system (don`t worry its easy and dosn`t take any time).

sifika pump

Before I start to bore you I`ll stop. The skate is amazing and I love the looks – classic thrones rock!
I guess you should check it out!

Sfika v-cut pump action liners
Undercover Team 57mm / 90A Wheels
Kizer Sean Kelso Pro Model Element Frames
USD ABEC 5 Chromesteel bearings
New v-cut cuff for better jumping action


for more pics check the USD page
Available at


  1. lakatos said,

    i can one mistake in features, the wheels are genres sean kelso model 55mm/90a, btw nice review,skate looks daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sick

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  4. LoLy said,

    Niiiice!! They looks like my first in line skates!!!! I wish my first in line skates was been like those!!!!

  5. Ths said,

    Yo Daniël,
    nice article, looks like a nice skate,
    like your style too!

    but what i wanted to say,
    the part about the frame, you have this link to kizerskate,
    i guess you made a little mistake there man,
    the sreenshot and link show a “skateboard-gear” website 🙂

    better fix it and link to the Conference website or

    ps.. good luck with your knee

  6. new school classic said,

    this review help me a lot. this makes me want the skate even more now. hope u get better and get more reviews in! thanks for the help


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