Grindhouse Tour Stockholm 25 – 29.05.2007 not yet final

June 2, 2007 at 8:07 pm (Grindhouse Tour, Skating)

5 days Stockholm

Thursday the 24th – Friday the 25th Mai: no sleep, pissed bums, missing frenchguys and freesweets

I didn`t sleep all night long cause I just got the new USD Kelso Throne and messed with different Setups + I had to pack.
At 6:45 a.m. Tobi and his Dad fetched me and we drove to the Airport in Munich (1hr)
I`ve had way too much hand luggage but nobody cared about it – big backpack + camera case. They might don`t care about hand luggage but for some weird reason they made my 15kg Kizerbagpack oversize luggage – weird -. Somehow we where pretty late we checked in at 8:45 and the plane took of at 9:05
Due to our lateness we couldn`t sit next to each other – so I switched on my Ipod and fell asleep. After one hour I woke up – noticed that food had already been served – ordered 2 sandwiches and 2 cokes and fell asleep again.
At the airport we waited one hour for Lepszy to arrive and finally headed for the train to Stockholm central. Quote: “look, another ugly girl” (in german) – we always talk bullshit in german when we are abroad – unfortunately the woman was german – but she still helped us to buy our train tickets so that only Tobi had to pay 200kr (20€) while Lepszy and me payed 100 each.
As it was quiet cold Lepszy felt like changing clothes in the train – an old man didn`t like us and left the tobi + daniel at the airportstockholm airport

In Stockholm we met Kenth (THANKS) and estimated 7 skaters, ate at McDonalds, brought the bags to Kenths home, bought some food in a supermarket and met some skaters at the bowlskatepark.
Talking about supermarkets, swedish supermarkets offer free sweets for everybody who dares to take them 🙂 – Leppy and me are ballsy…stockholm freesweets

After the bowl we skated some handicaprails in front of a “gypsychildrendisco” – imagine 10 years old whores in miniskirts without any female attributes and pimps with huge golden necklaces (also 10)…

Next spot: a 2 kinked rail Kenth topporned it and Tobi did an incredible topsoul to gap – but now the important part – a drunken guy stood next to me on a bridge while I was filming the tricks – suddenly he started pissing in his pants.
Somehow he didn`t care cause he really loved to watch the skating and drink some of his vodka and another beer…
Before he left I convinced him to give me one of his beers – but first he wanted to see my ID to check if im old enough…
I left the beercan on the bridge with a little leftover in it and while Peter Kallio and me skatet a round handicap rail that ended in a steep thin kinkrail some kids poured the beer from the bridge on pedestrians. stockholm peter soul

Somehow at the next spot (another kink) the mosquitos where as big as small dogs – guess if it was fun to film there? Specially cause Kenth landed a true miszou after what he said was his last try and of course I didn`t film it…

On our way back to town lepszy fell asleep in the train but he was awake enough for some free sweets in the next supermarket… We had to stay in town pretty long cause we waited till Tias Silhan arrived – so we decided to have “diner” äh döner – I tryed to make Lepszy eat out of my hand but unfortunately he didn`t want to…
Cause it was fucking cold we decided to skate another spot (10-11 p.m.) – a long handicaprail – Tobi and Kenth started skating but couldn`t do it due to the “million” people coming up the stairs – so we changed – Tobi filmed and I skated – Somehow I did it second try with topsoul, pornstar and back 50 (nearly grinded over some stupid guys hand)
After the skating there was a sick jamsession with a drunken bum playing the violin and me “singing”…
At about 12-01 o`clock we decided not to wait for the french guy anymore and go home. On our way home we had an interesting fotoshooting at a merry-go-round with some elefants…
Not bad for the first day eh?stockholm ride the elefant

Saturday the 26th May: meet the lucky french, free sweets, beer, tour, chewtabaco

Lepszy woke up “hard” as usual. Still the Tias didn`t call – weird cause he booked a flight and should stay with us…
Möly called me (from swizerland) – he was talking to Tias – Tias is somewhere at the maintrainstation… So after one hour of searching we finally found him there. Due to the “searchthefrenchgame” we where one hour late for the tour and we lost Tias again while we searched a locker for his huge USD bag – but I found a new friend his name is Dracula, hes from Finland. stockholm drakula and me
After buying breakfast and beer at a supermarket (and having some free sweets) we met the others at a curbspot and decided to leave cause they where already skating it for 1 hour +.
On our way to the next stop Tias went with some other guys to a liqueurshop to buy some more beers (this guy is addicted).
Next-First spot, perfect flatrails left and right, a lot of sick tricks, a parrot that fell from a tree, a Kenth eating fries from the ground, a building with a larg sign “grindhuset” which means grindhouse in swedish and a daniel slowly getting used to his new skate…stockholm grindhuset

Next spot a big 2 kinked rail, not many people did it, I filmed, Tias did topsoul and topacid to royal and fishbrain to I can`t walk anymore and someone else did a soul.
On the opposite side there was a “nipplehigh” superthin dropkink that I topsouled – check the big pic at the end of the “article”.

Last spot was amazing a long balance rail (ao backroyal, backunity, …), a long steep rail Johny true miszou first try, roundrail to steeprail transfer (topsoul to soul) and perfect woodcurbs. The injured frenchguy skated with my skate and fell in love with the element frame AND fell on his knee again.
On the way to the supermarket we found a supersick bend square drop rail, Tobi filmed, Lepszy wanted to skate, Tias and Kent went to get Tias bag from the trainstation, I skated with Johnny, 2shoo and the others. Johnny: kindgrind to soyal!!!
Daniel: soul, acid, ao topacid – 2shoo royal + backnugen: AMAZING SESSION!!!

After that it was pretty late and the supermarket nearly closed – they already switched of the escalator but that couldn`t stop us from getting some free sweets and buying some beers.
Back at Kenths place we all took care of our personal hygiene ate pizza and left for the party. Tobi had to eat his pizza on the way cause he forgot it in the oven… stockholm pizza
I think we got the last metro, bought some cigarettes, Lepszy destroyed my beer can and we finally arrived at the club at 12:45 unfortunately in Sweden clubs close at 2:00 so we partied faster/harder than ever.
Oh – we where on the guestlist so we didn`t pay entrance 😉
When we left the club we went to McDonalds – I stole a tray and “found” a green plastic hat but before that we met a blind guy who insulted all of us (fuck you) and droped down his pants… On our way home we tried some of Peters amazing snooze (chew tabaco) and Mathias threw my camera away (4 meters) luckily nothing happened – not even scratches – I hate you Mathias – not 😉

Talking about baguettes, the reason why Tias didn`t call/show up on friday: He arrived at the airport and tried to call me but had a wrong number and somehow his phone didn`t work?!? So he was in Stockholm without a place to sleep – luckily he remembered that a friend of his was in Stockholm too and he asked a girl if he could use her cellphone for a short call – she said yes and something went wrong… so the girl left and came back after 5 minutes: “hey you, its for you – your friend called back” – and so lucky Mathias didn`t have to sleep rough…

Sunday the 27th May: when you fuck – write it down!

Woke up at 2 p.m. Lepszy as usual, the rest of us still tired.
Some quotes? No problem.
– Daniel: Mathias you must rub your knee a little – move it – make it warm. Tobi: and after that you can do the same to my penis. – Lepszy: You have something hot air to make dry my hair?
Tobi and Kenth prepared breakfast (haha I know im lazy) – took us 2 hours to get ready to leave. While waiting for the metro I discovered that the McDonaldstray works perfectly as blotting pad…
stockholm hut
Some weird guy wanted to sit next to me – had a look at us – made some funny noises and went away… ähm yes… At the maintrainstation I got hung, Lepszy left for the airport – his lasts words: “When you fuck – write it down”. Well, after getting some freesweets from the supermarket we met peter and some other guys and went to the first spot.
There I asked a guy for his helmet and beard – haha – Vikings all over the place…stockholm viking
We skated an amazing 360° roundrail for 2 hours – had a million hard slams – watch out for the new Kizer ad!stockholm daniel tias round
After some Flatrailtricks, a kebabthing from gyrillia, some sick tricks on a wood squarerail (ao backunity, soyal, …), well after that Johnny decided to fall on his face – NO wait – first we got some free sweets and beer from a 24/7 supermarket, also Kenth and Johnny found Spidey and Venom there…

The next spot was located in the garage of a security company – a container. So we set up a jumpramp of wood ad trash and Tobi and Johnny skated it. Backnugen + backroyal 540 off. Then a Security arrived: Guys please leave – as soon as I leave cause I have to close the garage… Amazing. Unfortunately Johnny used this time to not land a topsoul – well he landed but on his face – I wanted to go to the Hospital with him but we had to take the last metro to get home.sthml johnny
This night we went to bed at 4. a.m.

Monday the 28th May: Au revoire Tias, Chewinggumlady

As French people are pretty rough Tias got up after only 3hours55minutes of sleep and left to the airport – he nearly didn`t weak us. Thanks Dude!
Barely 7 hours later Tobi and me woke up – Kenth Slept one hour longer. We where lucky there was no rain (as predicted) so we brought out a huge bag of trash, bought new metro tickets, ate a big menu with 2 burgers each and met Johnny with the glued laceration and some others at a curb. Tobi found some fries in his skate and I found Spidy in the left and some pliers in the right – of course after trying to put them on… stockholm spidey
After some warmuptricks we went to buy some tapes for the camera. In this shop I bursted a ball with some weird liquid in it by squeezing it too hard… well, shit happens – nobody noticed 😉
The first real spot was a flatrail with some balloons attached (we attached some more for the looks) we had a sick session there till I had a nasty fall on my back during a zerospin savanna. At the next spot we met Peter who came from work and laced an amazing unity on along supersteep rail – Kenth soulstall 270 soulgrinded the same rail. Next spot: S shaped curved kinkrail. After landing a topsoul on the main road I nearly got run over by a truck (sick clip) – Kenth had more luck and landed his soul untroubled.
Next spot: Dropkink with a lot of spectators: Topsoul and Cab Topsoul. Thanks – Goodbye.
During “diner” in the McDonalds a weird woman talked to me in Swedish showing me her chewing gum (between her fingers). After some minutes she left the McDonalds and stood in front of the window looking inside. Again after some minutes she came back in and sat down… Ähm yes – do I have to understand that?
24/7 Supermarket: time for some free sweets and beers.
Kenth and Tobi decided to skate a sweet droprail – tobi did a backslide freestyle and with grab and Kenth landed an sick ao topporn. In the meantime a guy “stole” an arctic monkeys poster from a nearby wall and explained to me that he loves the arctic monkeys and he wants to go to a show but won`t be here the date, thats why he steals the poster. He also asked me if I like the a.monkeys – yes I do – was listening to them on my I pod the same time and after he was gone I took a poster too… This night we went to bed at 3:00

Tuesday the 29th May: some last minute skating

Our last day – time travels fast. We stood up at 9 a.m. – omg – too early… we packed, ate and took the bus at 10. In the bus an old lady stood really close to me and I told her in german to stop rubbing her body at mine and shut up – well of course she spoke german – a fishhead from northgermany.
First spot: long not too steep but amazingly fast rail. A million landed tricks: switch sweaty, switch pornstar, cab topporn…
A little girl wanted an autograph on her broken arm… After walking to the next spot Kenth waxed the shit out of the mediumsteep rail so it became way too fast. Tricks? Ao topporn, zerospin acid, sweaty, switchsoul to topacid…
On the way to the supermarket we met Johnny and Mr. X. I probably don`t have to tell you about the free sweets and the beers that we bought… Cause I wanted to buy some new pants we wasted 20 minutes in a store and finally had exactly 15 minutes for a highspeed flatrailsession till the guys “escorted” us on our way to the airport. In the train I opened a beer and spattered some on a guy sitting next to me – he left the compartment while I changed my clothes and repacked my luggage – sounds familiar…
And because we are sporty people we left the train too early and had to run through the whole airport (cause a clock showed us the wrong time) as a result of that we checked in second. Tobi had his dangerous Allenkey still in his bagpack and had to leave it at the security check in… But the really hard part was to finish another beer before the security check in. stockholm airport
Oh by the way – on the way from Germany to Stockholm i`ve had a knife in my hand luggage and on the way back 1,5 liters of coke – what about these security guys? “let the guy with the knife pass and help me with this one, he`s dangerous he has an allen key”!!! In the plane we set next to each other though we didn`t have the right seat numbers – we stole some coffeemilk (tasty), Tobi got 2 sandwiches, and 2 cokes, I fell asleep and missed the whole flight…
And so the trip ended like it begun…

Stockholm: one of the best tourstops ever! No trouble with the police at all! Supercool lokals!!! Sick skating!
Thanks Grindhouse for sending us there! Thanks Kenth and his family.
We`ll be back for sure – Stockholm is amazing.

See all the sick shit on the next Grindhouse DVD.

All the pictures I took:

Tour pics by: Christian Mezöfi
Tias silhan topacid - backroyal

Daniel Prell - topsoul



  1. Wolli said,

    Wuhahaha free sweets i can tell man hahahaha ;D

  2. Tias said,

    hahaha sick story !!!! 😀

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  4. Ths said,

    hm… we have the same free sweets in the Netherlands to..
    But i guess the whole idea is to put the sweets you like in a bag and then weigh them (after that you add some more for free) and THEN you pay for em 🙂

    sick story.. looks like a fun session
    Like the setup with the white shell and the kelso cuff!
    Looks sick

  5. Raik said,


  6. Maik said,

    shit i knew i should go…fuck…but im happy that you had a great time..

    amazing story daniel haha


    keep it up and hope to see you in FFO

  7. Top Posts « said,

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  8. andy said,

    I know you like the grindhuset photo, and that’s cause I took it! ^^
    I had a blast, even though I twisted my ankle that night while I was drunk

  9. Ths said,

    haha.. thanks for your mail…
    and eh.. to be honest… i like to enjoy the sweets for free to.. 😉

  10. Dagmar said,

    haha cool again
    but what the f*ck is an allen key?

  11. danielll said,

    mensch dagmar – sagt – inbus
    wobei ich immer dachte das ding nennt sich imbus 😉

  12. Dagmar said,

    ah ok, ich dachte des wäre irgenwie so ein insider jioke, den wo ich mal wieder ned versteh 😉

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