Kizer element frame – some more pictures later

June 5, 2007 at 2:14 am (products)

This text reflects MY opinion. maybe yours differs in some points… That`s bad – for you 😉
kelso frame

First of all:
Freestyle is better then Fitnessframes
Suspension is better than Freestyle
Grindwheels are better than suspension but suspension is better for your knees
KIZER ELEMENT FRAMES are way too sick!

I LOVE FLATROCKER (4big wheels each skate)
but of course you can skate the element frame also with grindwheels – but in my opinion theres no need for grindwheels cause flatrocker does the same job – BETTER!

element frame skatee

There are more frames that you “can” skate flat but the element frame is definitely the best.

Flatrocker Pros:
Wheels last way longer
You can skate faster
Faster turns
Don`t get stuck riding stairs
Skate over cracks / cobblestones in front of rails with ease while others get stuck
Probably better shock apsorbtion

I`ve heard that the frame will be available without skate at the 21st June – but you can already preorder it HERE for 79,95€
Till now you can get it with the USD Kelso Throne for example at Grindhouse

It was really about time some frame company came up with axels that you can open and close with one allen key – congratulations Kizer thats sick and works perfect!
Also you`re never going to lose frame spacers again cause they are part of the metal “Skeleton” of the frame.

element frame

In the beginning I didn`t close the screws tight enough so they loosened from time to time – but after closing them tight that wasn`t a problem anymore. Beside that the clever skater uses locktight (screw glue) for his axels. Talking about tightening the axels – the whole for the allen key is estimatedly 2 times as deep as with “normal” frames so they are less prone to get fucked up (round).
With this frame changing even changing wheels is fun. It`s so much faster then “back-in-the-day”.

To remove the frame from the skate you have to take the middle wheels out – thats due to the huge grove.
I don`t know the exact measures but I tried measure it by myself so the groove (small frame) should be something like 6.5-7 cm (2.5-2.7 inches from where the round part starts till where it ends).

When the frame is removed you can turn the grindblock – it has 2 different shapes. A round one and a less round one…
I`ve skated the frame for 5 days (on grindhouse tour stockholm) now – every day… It slides perfect! Really fast on soul and royal grinds even on aluminum rails where you probably experience problems with most other frames (except the fluid).
And I probably don`t have to tell you how amazing a 4 wheel down setup is!!!

I didn`t try skating the frame antirocker because there is no reason to!
Every trick is possible with flatrocker setups! Fucking amazing!

Own measurements:
Suspension Weight (Short frame):
With 2 Wheels: 504g
With 4 wheels (what is impossible of course) 638g

Element Weight (short frame):
Without wheels: 426g
Flatrocker setup: 696g
Antirocker setup: 640g (kizer grindrocks)

Fluid Weight (Short frame):
Frame only: 210g
Antirocker setup: 512g

Till now I couldn`t find any negative shit concerning the frame. Maybe the screws fixing the grindblock are a little bit “close” to the grove but till now the grindblock nearly didn`t wear off so I guess its going to take quiet a long time till these screws “touch” a rail – I also tried to skate with only one screw fixing the grindblock and it perfectly worked – it didn`t move or anything – so probably you can just remove the screw if it annoys you…
By the way for this screw you need two allen keys…

60mm Flat impossible (Tested with 4×4 Shima)
60mm Anti possible (Tested with 4×4 Shima; wheel touches the screw slightly – shorten the screw or skating for some minutes should solve the problem – but to be honest 60mm? who skates 60mm wheels? I never tried 60mm wheels)
58mm Flat should be possible – can`t test that – no 58
57mm Flat possible (Tested with Rb Trs Wheels)

I`m absolutely in love with the Kizer Element frame and I don`t think that`ll change.
If you have questions or want more pictures – drop a comment and I`ll see what I can do.

This text is based on my personal experiences with this amazing frame – don`t blame me if you don`t like it – cause I love it!

Maik Lojewsky about the new element frame:
My first impressions of the new kizer element frame

So I received my sean kelso skate some days ago and I had to test it as soon as possible…and so I did…the first thing I noticed , beside the nice look of these skates and those frames was, that the frame is as fast as hell!
At first I was afraid because of the flat setup I rode, but I noticed that it is impossible to get stuck with the rails because of the new grindblock…so perfect for flat setup loversJ
even on topside tricks you lock and slide perfect…so I just can say to you…go BUY IT at skateshop..
check for another element frame review – in better english – from Oli Benet.

Some more pictures taken from



  1. Raik said,

    I skate the frame with m1 damien wilson 3 and m1 grindwheels 😉 and its great too :)! but Daniel you forget to say HOW FUCKING GREAT IS THIS BLUE ALUMINIUM COLOR!:) mm.. ok not for for every one but hey i like blue i like my kelso cuff and laces baby blue 🙂

  2. chemnitz_daniel said,

    i skate the frame with you are here roller or die wheels and some gc-grindwheels. i definately have to say: the frame is amazing! as fast as its possible i want to skate them flat too

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT two of my fucking axels are bended after a “gap” of 1.5meters or something like that! PLEASE make the next generation of axels out of another (stronger) material!

  3. Maik said,

    oh man was hab ich da geschrieben….ich hättes nochmal überarbeiten sollen verdammt -.-‘

  4. Green Devil said,

    Flat for life. The world is flat. stoked on this frame.

  5. laugh said,

    Rollerblade’s axel can be open and close with 1 allen keys, so Kyzer idea is good but nothing new.

  6. Maik said,

    chemnitz_daniel hast total recht..ohne scheiß…bei mir sind 3 stück die verbogen sind und ausserdem werden sie immer wieder von allein lose …naja…ma sehn was sich ändert und ob es sich ändert…schraueben material auf jeden total weich

  7. so wack said,

    the 60mm Pat Lennons were one of my favourite wheels of all time!

  8. danielll said,

    Raik: skate FLATROCKER du spack

    Maik: achwas überarbeiten – schnickschnack

    Green Devil: damn right – flat rocks – im flattened

    laugh: yeah but rollerblade frames are crap thats why i didn`t count them – or maybe i forgot them 😉

    so wack: okok – seems like some people actually skate 60mm – onehundred years ago I skated some 60mm shimas for 15 minutes…

    Chemnitz + Maik: Seems like the axels are a problem if you skate them antirocker.
    I dont have the problem with a flatrocker setup.

  9. Dave said,

    i can’t wait to get a pair of the Kelso’s, svaing up for them right now

    i also can’t wait to try out this frame

    i love skating flat, i used to skate fiziks flat and i loved it but the groove was really small so grinds on ledges were harder

    also what you said about the axles being weaker if you skated anti-rocker, it was the same with fiziks, if you skated fiziks anti-rocker the suspension parts snapped alot easier

    great review of the frame and after reading this i don’t know just how much longer i can wait to get the Kelso’s

  10. Paul said,

    Glad to hear the axle holes for the bolts are about twice as deep.

    Since the axles screw directly into the frame now, my biggest fear was threading an axle and destroying the whole frame,

  11. Paul said,

    Raik, I would also like to know, are the axles 8mm or 6mm?

  12. Paul said,

    Laugh, it was actually Roces that pioneered the one Allen key axle system. I’ve been around long enough to know the exact brand and model that it first came out in – The Majestic 12.

    Granted, it didn’t really work that well, and Rollerblade’s triangle shape was a lot better…but Roces was first:)

    Also this is a fundamentally different design, since the axle screws directly into the frame, so in a way this IS the first of it’s kind for an aggressive skate frame. You really can’t directly compare this with what’s come before it. Apples and oranges.

    Also i’m very impressed to see the little ‘latches’ that fit into the grooves of the frame wall, to bond the sidewall and the frame, and strengthen the overall design. Kizer really has thought of everything! I really can’t see any real design flaws.

    I’m interested to see how this frame holds up in a few months from now, but otherwise I’m really excited for this. I haven’t anticipated a product in the industry like this since the Xsjados. I’ve been waiting for this since the Epochs were first announced…so it’s been what, over 3 years now? God…

    I’m hoping Kizer releases the black sidewalls and white h-block soon, because that’s what I really want:)

  13. Scott said,

    yea im really excited about these because im riding fluids flat and there great and I cant imagine how good these will be. Also what size axels are the 8mm or 6mm

  14. Hugo said,

    One bad point is forgotten about this frame:

    This frame is so heavy. I skate the sean kelso throne and i’ve got really big problem with the weight of this setup. My skating is getting down on street because I c’ant jump as I want. I don’t know what to do.

    Flat skating is a good experience but I can’t skate anymore like that because i’m so scary about stop on ledge.

  15. allterraskates said,

    Prell said it all – Suspension saves the knees and freestyle is hot!!! Look for the new Kizer Suspension Fitness with bigger wheels for all you skate customizing fiends!

  16. Baschno said,

    skate you smal grove block or wide???? and why???

  17. Rejane Silva said,


    Are you company “Bore looking elements”
    Are you competitor TAS and Bikon.

    Thank you for your answer.

  18. Stephen said,

    ACTUALLY… K2 was the first 1 allen wrench system. Fattys back before M12s… Definitely not a new concept.

    • danielll said,

      yeah youre right – but after that there was a long time of 2 allen key frames – which sucked 🙂

  19. Shaun Ripley said,

    Alright man, cheers for the review, im looking at possibly getting some for my carbons, my main sort of thought is as ive never skated anti-rocker alot; apart from one or two sessions, do you think they will be too heavy on the carbons first of all and also would it be a good idea to go from skating a freestlyle setup to a flat one? cheers man

    • danielll said,

      ill send you a mail!

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