GH Tour Frankfurt Oder (VIDEO)

June 19, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Grindhouse Tour, Skate video)

Grindhouse Tour Frankfurt Oder

First of all, this time there are no pictures – instead a nice edit from paddy.
Story by Daniel – Toby and TFG aka Möly.

Tobi: Confused as usual – till Friday I didn`t know if I had to work on Monday so I checked trains and talked with Tom – finally he decided to go by car. I bought a huge Rittersport chocolate but unfortunately it had 34° degree Celsius in the car – maybe the was too hot. Next to the highway I saw a rail close to some booblikehills but we didn`t skate it.
We had some trouble finding the way to Paddys place because he was too stupid to describe it – but with the help of “some fast and the furious” freaks that we met at a McDonalds we finally arrived there. Thanks for the accomodation Paddy.

Möly: My Travel started Friday at 10 a.m. with 12 wasted hours in a train. At 10 p.m I arrived in Berlin, met Timm Kitlitz and together we took a train to Eisenhüttenstadt where we slept together with Sven Hausmann at BDogs place.
The next morning we got up early and skated a rail before the actual tour started.

Daniel: And thats why you —– where late – about one hour late!
Well let me start from the beginning. As usual my trip begins without sleep and too much time in a train. NO first of all I had to pay double the price I estimated cause I forgot my Bahncard at home – thanks for not being cooperative DB. After 8 hours and 4 beers I arrived in Frankfurt Oder – half an hour too early – actually one and an half hour too early cause some people never arrive on time. Luckily the 500 skinhead-nazi-soccerfans where on time and their friends dressed in green also. Oh and it was extremely hot – way too hot.

Tobi: Saturday morning we went to Frankfurt – in Toms car – this time we found everything perfectly. But unfortunately we had to wait another hour at the maintrainstation cause: Alexs train was late, Möly was already skating a spot and Maik had traffic problems… Welcome at the Grindhousetour…

Möly: When we arrived Daniel was playing tennis against everyone who dared to face him – he bought the beach tennisrackets for 2-3€ at the main train station.
We left without Alex cause we didn`t want to miss another bus.
First spot: handicap rail with a little disaster (right side) – most of the people loved the spot though it didn`t slide perfectly, Timm cab topsouled it, Sven did some sick shit, Daniel a zerospin acid first try, well everybody busted some hot stuff.

Daniel: First spot: After calling me the 25th time – Alex found the bus – found the right station – found us and joined the session. On the way to the second spot Maik, Raik and me lost the others cause I wanted to skate a big dropkinkrail and they didn`t wait. After searching for 45 minutes and calling everybody – we found them.

Tobi: Second spot: A weird handicap kinkrail going down – kink to the right and down again. Sven first try royaled it, Möly cried and stopped skating cause he was afraid that the dirt could destroy his bearings.

Möly: Second spot: I stoped skating cause my bearings stopped turning. After Daniel finally arrived he did a topsoul, topacid and highspeed back 50/50. Next spot 2 curbs – Timm killed the small one with every possible alleyoop topside trick, after waxing I started to skate the high long curb.

Daniel: I hated the 3rd spot – a curb with bad ground, so I decided to play some more beach tennis while Möly “the fat guy” broke the 5 cm thick marble curb.

Möly: After some minutes Raik broke the curb.
Tobi: Somebody managed to break the curb – don`t ask me how… Because the spot was only 3 minutes away from the german – polish boarder some guys decided to buy some cheap drinks and cigarettes 😉

Daniel: On the way to the next spot we threw Svens new bottle of coke around till a mother complained cause we nearly killed her child and finally the bottle exploded. After a short ride with a bus we arrived at a nice kinkrail (left and right).
Maik jumped the kink with topsoul, Möly did the same with an amazing ass-bomb and finally mike broke the rail (probably due to the immense impact from Mölys trick. He tried to fix the rail but that didn`t help at all – but that didn`t stop him from truemiszouing the rail. Last trick: Möly and Paddy – synchronal sweaty.

Tobi: 5th and last spot a ugly 2 kinked rail – only Daniel and me skated – Möly filmed cause he was “tired”
Some tricks: unity to topsoul to jump the kink topsoul, fishbrain and cab topacid.
Oh not to forget Daniel 360 topsoul (like 450 backroyal) to hipslam.
Some people skated the little park that was situated close to the par, Daniel and Alex headed to the tram – Möly nearly missed it and I stayed with some peoples in the park.

Daniel: BDog and Möly took the tram together with Alex and me. While we waited some teenagers arrived drinking cheap beer and smoking cigarettes – actually I did the same. The conductor didn`t let them enter with the beers and cigarettes so I hid mine behind my back and entered the tram – waved the kids goodbye – and left to the main train station.
After 30 minutes Alex and me managed to buy our tickets – Again I had to pay double the price. Damn I hate it.
So finally after eating döner and buying some beers alex and me went home. 10 Hours later I left the train. Cheers Daniel

Tobi: Cause were stupid and didn`t have a navi it took us (again) 90 minutes to go to Paddys place where we slept.
Sunday: We skated some curbs in Berlin – I had trouble with the police because I waxed them.
On the way home we had some amazingly huge traffic jams and again 32° degree Celsius – 10 hours later we arrived.
Oh I nearly forgot – we couldn`t skate the rail close to the booblikehills cause of a fence.

Sick tour – check the edit – thanks Paddy & Tom – thanks Bdog – thanks everybody for the sick session!
See you at the next Tourstop in Basel
Daniel – Tobi – Möly

Sneak preview – grindhouse dvd 07


  1. TFG said,

    ich geb dir gleich hier…. du arsch mit friedrich…. gesichtsmatratze duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. raik said,

    kann ja keiner wissen das die curb denkt hohoooo ich bin cool und breche bei Raik mal ab mir hats fast den fuss abgerupft und ich wieg nur 72kilo!!! tzzzz…. das war der ultimative beweis!!! POLEN CURB;)

  3. Grindhouse Tour Frankfurt Report + Edit said,

    […] Grindhouse Tour Frankfurt Check this report by Daniel Prell. […]

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