July 10, 2007 at 1:57 am (Danielll, new injuries, Toys)

I`ve payed a visit to my doctor today,
I have a capsular tear in the right middle finger and have to wear a cast for two weeks
and I have to come back for a closer examination of my knee in 2 days –
the doc guessed it could be an abscess in my right knee…

on the other hand I just bought a new laptop – 2200€ pictures as soon as it arrives here
and a fisheye for my canon xh-a1 hd camera pictures also when it arrives here.
Oh and I bought a new internal hard disk 400 gb and a external 400 gb.

If  I have enough money left ill buy a canon eos 30d dslr. well see 😉



  1. Raik said,


  2. Jens said,

    und ich dachte mein 1200 Öre Laptop wär schon relativ teuer…aalter… kann der laufen und Kaffee kochen?

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