Tour 15th – update

August 8, 2007 at 4:46 am (Danielll, Grindhouse Tour, Tales)

Ill be on tour for something like 15 days now – more likely the rest of august.
A lot of updates when im back…


So ive been in Gdansk – Poland for ähm something like 1,5 days – Had a nasty slam grinding up a rail, a lot of rain, and a long travel to Bukarest together with Olfert and Qbert and the fat guy. We didnt see the rollfest.
I`m in Bukarest right now with “the french guys” we met there at the grindhouse tour, tias silhan and 9 other guys. Unfortunately tias got injured and had to go home (also cause he has driving lessons). So if we can manage it well go to Sofia \ Bulgaria today in the evening cause this weekend theres a Vert competition and we all have the Interrail-ticket for one month – though some of us didnt pay as much as others…Oh I won the competition and best trick – but unfortunately mihai got injured, hopfully hes going to leave the hospital today!!! oh and olfert, qbert, tias and möly left already yesterday, so did some french guys who are already in Sofi, well meet them again tomorrow morning when we (hopefully) arrive there too.

complete story with not so many pictures cause my camera broke some days ago – available as soon as im back home and i can find the time…
16 Sofia – finally arrived! hungry! first hot shower in days… only one hour of sleep. tired again… sunburn – hot. hungry!
27 Augsburg – back home for some days – trying to make an update with some hot stories about my trip soon. expect: kidnapping, dalma-chiens, crazy frenchs, no sleep, trains and a lot more!


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