And the next knee surgery please! update 10.10.2007

September 2, 2007 at 12:00 am (Danielll, new injuries)

After last years knee surgery knee(left knee) – the plate and 7 screws still not removed –I went to the doctor (30.08.2007) cause my other knee (right) started to hurt more and more. After visiting the 3rd knee specialist we finally decided that an other surgery should solve my problems. Its probably going to be the 2nd Oktober and I wont be able to skate for at least one month – well, this is what the doctor said.
I hope that after the surgery ill be able to skate better again cause right now Im having serious problems with certain tricks.
Monday 1st october 2007

I just noticed that I missed to go to the doctor for the pre surgery examination and as today was the last day before the surgery it was pretty urgent – I had to go to 3 different doctors. Blood test, anesthesia preparation and last but not least a last meeting with my surgeon. Somehow I managed to get everything done in time and went skating with Tobi one last time – an amazing session.

Tuesday 2nd october 2007
Well, today is the day – in 2 hours…
On the one hand Im pretty happy cause my knee caused a lot of pain even during walking,
but on the other hand Im really afraid that I wont be able to skate again.
But as moaning doesn`t help – Ill just hope for the best. In 3 – 6 weeks Ill know more. This was the second night without sleep but the anesthesia will set an end to that for sure.
At 6 am. I took the bus (I was only 15 minutes late). In the beginning the nurse told me that I had to stay in the hospital for at least 2 days – I explained her that I would not stay cause the doctor said I could go home. I guess she was a bit pissed and Im pretty sure she was pissed when she noticed that my leg was not shaved. Excuse me – nobody told me to do that and beside that its your job.
The straw that broke the camels back was when I told her right after entering the sterile surgery area that I had to go to the toilet. A pair of plastic socs later I was back in the sterile area and got my anesthesia shot.
hospitalMinutes before the surgery – beheaded

I cant remember the next hours – but when I woke up they told me to sit in the waiting room – before that I must have called Jonas to come with his car and bring me home. When I woke up again in the waiting room my phone rang – my jonas taxi – I wanted to take the elevator but the friendly nurse told me that im not allowed to leave alone cause I was under the influence of strong drugs. So I took the stairs instead – which was a bit harder with the crutches and my blurred sight. Sleeping all day long – also the next day.

Thursday, 4th October 2007
I had to take the bus at 10:30 a.m to arrive at my doc at 11. I arrived at 11:20 – still good in time if you ask me. I ended up with a needle in my knee and the doctor pulling the blood out with a shoot – 130ml of blood 7 shots… First time he scratched with the needle over my patella – nice – thank you!
Me 2 days after the surgeryShow me what your working with!
Well, im skating for 12 + years now – and the only thing Im afraid of is not being able to skate again. Today I bought 2 boxes of special joint nutrition for 70€ and I ride my bike 30 minutes a day (though i hate it) cause my doctor told me thats the best for my meniscus…

Monday, 8th October 2007
No it`s not boring – I can occupy myself pretty good. Today Ive been in the gym. Tried a bit bicycling there – well i guess it will take some more time till thats possible but I made at least 50 revolutions.

Tuesday, 9th October 2007
The surgery happened one week ago and I feel pretty good about it. I can “walk” without crutches – Ok I did that 2 days after the surgery but now it feels ok. I went to the doctor (again) and he took the stitches out and told me to go to rehab but I guess I wont go and Im also not going to waste money for the knee cast he advised me to buy. He told me I can move the knee 90 degrees – not so bad eh?



  1. kenneth said,

    that sucks man.
    Get better soon.

  2. raik said,

    na wie das werden wirt! aba das mit dem operations datum is gewollt oda? So hier wiesn kriegen die mit krükken vieleicht eher nen platz as die ohne :D!

  3. gretchen said,

    knie werd gesund!!!!!!!!!! :*

  4. Tobi said,

    Alter schwede du beulenkind is ja wiederlich schämst du dich eigentlich für garnichts kuck dir doch blos mal dein knie an 😛

    Werd bald wieder fit ich mein flatrail rennt zwar net weg aber das sonnenlicht ;D

  5. abel said,

    Man Daniel, Get well soon, we need your style and tricks in rollerblading!!!!!

  6. Lars said,

    Alter Schwede…. mit so zerfickten Knieen wirst Du immer beim rollen bleiben. Sogar ins rohe Alter.

    Ich wünsche allen meinen Knie-Opfer-Freunden, das man bald schöne neue Kniee aus Schweinen züchten kann.

    Grüße und gute Besserung

  7. saleem said,

    oooooooh my man it’s crazy i hope you feel better fast!!!!but you’re not alone!!!!after the problem with my knee (from this summer) i restart to skate because i’m feeling so bad without skating and in a session in switzerland i fall and i broken my tibia it was the 9/10/07 and i go directly to the surgery and now i have 4 screws and one ”barre en fer” in the tibia….in french we say c’est la vie!!!
    now i continue the message in french for work your level!!!(and my english suck!!!!)je te souhaite un tres bon retablissement en esperant te revoir bientot sur tes skates…en attendant j ai un cadeau pour toi un dvd avec toutes les photos de l inter-rail de cet été!!!!!

  8. Maik said,

    90 grad?…mehr als ich 😛

  9. julien said,

    bitte knie werd gesund ^^
    ohne dich ist die grindhouse tour fürn arsch
    und ich hab eigentlich vor dieses jahr wieder dabei zusein
    aber ohne dich würde ichs mir nochmal überlegen
    naia ich wünsch dir gute besserung !!!
    man sieht sich

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