Grindhouse Tour Mannheim (pictures + video)

September 29, 2007 at 4:23 am (Grindhouse Tour, Skating, Tales)

I was supposed to travel to Mannheim on Friday but last minute my boss came up with something really important – so I left Saturday morning. This time I found my I-pod (the shuffle for skating), charged it and forgot it at home.
After only 4 hours of sleep I arrived 30 minutes too late at the central station in Mannheim – and found out that nobody was waiting there for me. I called my fellow GH-Teamrider and friend Maik Lojewski and he told me that they already left and explained me how to arrive at the first spot. Some seconds later I received a message that Avichai was late too. While I waited for him Patrick Smith showed up. We walked through the whole city in search of a supermarket – and of course as this was our lucky day we didn`t find one. Back at the station we met Avi, Greta and some other skaters and “tried” to find the spot, we missed our metro station, entered the wrong train and finally ended up at the central station and again where supposed to meet the others there. Well, “the others” turned out to be one guy – cause the rest took the wrong train – whatever.

I guess there where a little less than 60 skaters at the 2nd spot – which was the first spot for some of us.

First spot of the combined tour: A nice, not too steep rail with 2 sharp bends. It was pretty difficult to skate. Lee from Stuggi was the first one to do the whole rail with a royal and I think I was second with a topsoul. Avichai didn`t grind but switch up over the bends – i.e. Topacid to ao topacid
Lee royal + Daniel topsoul all the way

Then Patrick Ridder (ex Grindhouse and now Deshi teamrider) came up with the idea to drag one of the high construction site fences in front of the first bend and gap over it. Ridder: backroyal – Avichai: Topsoul – Daniel: Topsoul and Mistral.
Daniel Mistral 180 gap

On the way to the next spot Timm (gh-flow) just wanted to jump a 180 gap over a wall but he ended up jumping it at least 7 times (landing it every time) till we took enough pictures and filmed it perfectly.
timm gap
Timm Kitlitz 180 gap

-> next spot 7 minutes on skates.
Really big weird sliding kinkrail with a lot of pedestrians and cars going by – I guess the only one who really skated it was Avichai. Mad props for the topacid -> truemiszou… Oh, not to forget P.J. Smith who impressed the crowd with an amazing 90 kg assbomb in the stairs, but Avi also fell pretty hard (pretty often).
Avichai – Topacid – Backroyal

-> next spot, some minutes in a tram.
There where some nice flatrails and everybody had fun there. I didn`t see too many tricks cause Mutch the Swiss and I skated a rail with 2 gaps – going down like a stair. Mutch laced backroyal and topacid to backroyal and I did backroyal, topsoul and unity-unity-bs savanna. In the end smith also did a front royal.
switchupmutch backroyal
Daniel Unity unity bs savanna – Mutch topacid bs royal bs royal

When I took a short glance at he other rails Tobi (gh-flow) was killing shit there – topsoul-trueporn-switchsoul and other sick switchups, also Möly (gh-pro) did a super long front torque.
After Mutch and I landed our tricks we decided to follow the other skaters to a nice concrete skatepark – well, we tried to leave – one guy wanted climb over a fence but didn`t notice the spikes on top of it – he jumped – grabed – and… Well, I guess you can imagine what happened. That was probably the worst injury that Ive ever seen…
Well, we took the metro and finally found the skatepark – It was quiet nice – big quater, nice ledge. Unfortunately after I joined a little quater session (Tobi 630 truetopsoul) it soon was to dark to skate and so the last session of the grindhouse tour 2007 ended.
Everybody was leaving and we waited for Tobis girlfriend to catch and bring us to Toms house. Let`s say her mood was not especially good. At Toms place we met Timm, Möly, Spidermaik, Lee and some other guys. We tried to find a china restaurant but by foot it was kind of far so Greta and me had a Kebab – or maybe only I had a Kebab.
One hour later we all met in the cinema that Tom rented for the premiere of his debut feature “We`ve just landed”. A really nice video I have to say. The premiere was a full success. -> back to Toms place. Möly stayed at home and the others went to the “Wurstmarkt” which is quiet the same as the Oktoberfest but with wine. Timm, Maik, Mutch, Greta, Tobi, Angi, and I partied till the Wurstmarkt closed – we danced on the tables and drank “wine-schorle”. In the end Tobi drove us back to Toms place – 7 people in one car… Good night.

Good morning – Timm and Maik had to go to the station. Möly, Mutch, Tom, Andy and me went skating but before it was time for a typical GH-Tour breakfast – McDonalds. First spot a nice droprail
dp sweaty
Daniel – sweaty

We filmed some tricks and when I started to think about fishbrain the police arrived – Somebody called them cause they thought we where filming the military area behind us – after checking what we filmed they left again and we finished filming the fishy and sweaty from Andy and me. Next spot was supposed to be a Möly spot – a little bit bigger black/yellow handicap rail on the left side with a little drop. It was quiet difficult to skate but that didnt stop Mutch from lacing a kindgrind (Möly hated the spot).
mutsch kind
Mutch – Kindgrind

We stayed there to long and so Möly missed his train – that gave us some time to check an other spot – a red sandstone curb. I was to tired to skate and decided to film, Andy laced an amazing rocket fishy and several other tricks while Möly had some amazingly funny slams. This time we left early enough though I had to run to catch my train…
andy rocket fisch

Mannheim was an amazing tourstop! Thanks Tom and his girlfriend for letting us stay at your house! Thanks Tobi and Angi for the taxi service and the money, Thanks Tom for filming, Thanks Maik for filming – but maybe next time you should talk less during filming, Thanks PatTheBad and Greta for the pictures, Thanks to everybody who was there and enjoyed the tour!
See you next year on Grindhouse Tour!
(All the tricks are going to be on the next Grindhouse Dvd – filmed in HDV.)

Im sorry for the bad quality – thats youtube…
You can download the section here:

For everybody who was there Here you can download all the pictures from the day (non skating)



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