3 days on tour without kebap – NL3 2008 (video + pictures) – updated 28th (pictures dl link)

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Strasbourg NL3 – brought to you by http://www.GRINDHOUSE.eu

read what happened, check the edit, see some pictures, love the event!!!
Oh and – Im sorry for the f*cked up layout but there was a problem with the old one – Ill take care of that soon!

I WILL PROBABLY GET SKATINGPICS BY TONIGHT – YOU MIGHT WANT TO COME BACK TOMORROW OR IN TWO DAYS TO CHECK THEM. also I will upload all the pics I took during the event – if youve been there you might want to download them.
If you like or dislike the text and or the edit feel free to leave a comment – I like feedback 😉
and now enjoy:

Friday, 9th May 2008
Augsburg: I had massive trouble buying the train ticket to Strasbourg – maybe because I was really late and it was holiday season. Finally I bought a ticket for Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. That turned out to be a mistake cause I spent the whole Friday night totally drunk on a house party.

The train ride was awful. Somehow all the freaks decided to travel the same time as me, there was the retard son of a retard family trying to sexually abuse his sister, the incredible bad smelling french couple taking 4 seats when the train was so full that some people barely didn`t manage to enter (me for example), the ugly girl that cut herself shaving her eyebrows, and loads of others…

In Strasbourg Möly caught me at the train station. Together we walked to our hotel (10 minutes), checked in, walked back to the train station, bought cheap sunglasses (5,50€) and 9 liters of water and finally took the tram to the skatepark (without paying).

click to enlarge pic

When we arrived in the park a french tv-team caught us of off guard and we gave the probably best double interview ever 🙂 After that we wanted to skate some vert and stumbled directly in the vert competition. As my french sucks I somehow competed more or less unwillingly… The ramp is amazing!

The whole event was more like a huge festival – there where hundreds of spectators, loads of skaters, skateboarders and bikers, the weather was AMAZING and the beer cheap. I met a lot of good old friends and other amazing people, Tias Silhan, Salim, Al hooi, Ricardo Lino, Bruno Willemark, Julien Cudot, Stefane Alfano, Olfert, Adrien Anne, Kevin Lopez, …

Tias somehow convinced me to compete though I only wanted to film and chill. I don`t know how but somehow falling from the fence of the bowl quarter 2 times (landing on the same graffiti guy both times) and lacing one topsoul on the same unfortunately was enough to qualify for the finals.

We spend the rest of the day filming for the edit, skating, chilling in the sun, just having a good time. The sessions where amazing, Julien Cudot, Möly, Al Hooi, Lino, Adrien Anne, … you might want to watch the edit 😉

In the hotel I fell asleep while Möly was taking a shower and when it was my turn he fell asleep.
I really wanted to go to the party but after one night without sleep I just couldn`t stay awake…

Sunday, 10th May 2008
To describe my breakfast one word is enough: Huge!

While Möly was taking a shower I turned up the bath room heating – within one minute it must have been +40 degrees in the small room. The weather again was extremely hot so Mill and me decided to cut off the sleeves from our shirts what probably looked really sexy 😉

In the Skatepark we persuaded the guy from the pimped bike stand to let us try some of his bikes. Unfortunately Mr. Hooi droped the bike and the bike guy was really pissed.

The competition was amazing, Julien and Alfanos skating was off the hook – probably thats the reason why Alfano won and Julien placed 2nd. Nicolas constant sick skating assured him the 3rd place. Kevin won the vert comp with huge airs, a 900 McTwist and loads of other nice tricks while Julien placed 3rd. As I fimed the whole day you can see the best tricks in the edit (thanks Mill and Salim for helping with the filming).
For the price giving ceremony Olfert and me placed a bench in front of the funbox – unfortunately when they started the ceremony they turned their backs on us. But we just carried our bench to the other side and sat down in front of all the people. As we just bought some beers we where prepared to give the first place inline street the well earned beer shower – and what shall I say – Alfano likes beer showers at least as much as drinking beer.

When the event was close to an end they gave away all the beer and the hot dogs for free. We where allowed to enter the stand and make our own hot dogs – all the sauces where empty except one – I didn`t wonder why and took a lot of it. Which was a mistake as it turned out to be the most spicy, evil, superhot mustard ever. Every bite burned from deep in your chest till up in your nose but that didn`t stop us from eating it 😉

When the weather changed Olfert, Lino, Al and me took the gratis tram back to our hotel, Möly had already left and checked out while I decided to stay for one more night to join the street session the next day. In the hotel Olfert came to my room and we drank some vodka orange before he had to take the bus back to the Netherlands. After 30 minutes he came back cause he forgot his cellphone and ID. At about 1 a.m. Tias, Salim and the others came to our hotel to go with us to the party (which was only 15 minutes away from our hotel). When we arrived there a lot of rollerbladers where in front of the club – inside there was some crappy live music. We chilled there the whole night, Adrien Anne stole over 10 liters of beer from behind the bar, he also won 5€ from me for letting me rub a stinging-nettle on his eye. We left the party at about 5. In the hotel one elevator smelled like cheese-puke.

Monday, 12th May 2008

I woke up when the telephone rang: Hello? – Hello this is the reception you had to leave 1 hour ago, if you don`t stay one more night you have to leave now. Thank you.
I packed my stuff and luckily remembered that Lino and Hooi had room number 536 and they also where still there. I fooled the reception and payed only 70€ for 2 days in a 2 persons room. By “free” tram we went to Tias Silhans place. Cause I`m so clever I forgot to leave some of my stuff there and brought everything to the street session. But before we started to skate we got stuck in a McDonalds. Why try something new when you can have food you`ve had a thousand times before?

Together with Al I went to the station to check out our trains, Al decided to leave the next day, don`t ask me how, he told me about two booked flights or something like that… I had to pay for the TGV 1st class cause the 2nd was already full.

The street session was amazing. Alfano rolled down a roof and jumped a huge gap, everybody killed the ledges at the first spot. On our way to the 2nd spot the police stopped first Mr. Silhan for getting pulled by a car and then the same thing happened to us. The rails at the 2nd spot where perfect, pretty steep, left and right side – amazing tricks – check the edit.

Best trick here was a girl riding her bike against a fence! On the way to the next spot I did a huge square drop rail with royal and cab royal – I hate royal but it was too square for soul tricks.

The 3rd spot was the rainbow rail but due to the fact that I`ve already skated it during the Grindhouse tour and I only had 40 minutes till my train left I didn`t skate it. Mihai and his friend came with me to the trainstation – we where really late and didn`t know the way but in the train an old black man with bavarian accent called Jean-Pierre helped us. He studied in my hometown and even knew the tram lines, what a funny incident. 2 Stations before the main train station Mihais friend left us cause he saw the car he left his shoes in. Somehow he managed to arrive at the station just minutes after us. My train was 30 minutes late an on the german part of the travel I got kicked from the first class 😉

Thanks to everybody who made this trip possible. Thanks Grindhouse and The Conference for supporting the event. NL3 was amazing – and NL4 is going to be even better!

Cu next year!
Daniel Prell

As usual I took loads of pictures, if I took some of you and you want to check them out heres the download link, the pics are definitely not interesting for anybody who wasnt there, so dont waste your time downloading them: http://download.yousendit.com/98C8D9C13B069ECC

here you can watch the HD version – way better quality! http://vimeo.com/1059355

The youtube version definitely has the worst quality – but some might not be able to view the vimeo version


  1. kenneth said,

    Here is a photo of the girl http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2057/2491482193_0c89bba84f_b.jpg

    O and the Belgian skaters in your video are Bruno Willemarck, thomas “buggy” buggenhout and anthony Pottier.

  2. kenneth said,

    o and here is a shot when you are doing the square rail: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3294/2499530160_b5a6298569_o.jpg

  3. Dagmar said,

    holla, sounds like fun
    cooler edit, wollt schon fragen, wann man den zu gesicht bekommt 🙂

  4. danielll said,

    Thanks Kenneth!!! god damn, i dont know why i never can remember BUGGY – everytime I hear it im pretty sure I can remember it cause its so easy and next time i forgot it again – blast! thanks for the pics also!!!

  5. Heinz Hüpfer said,

    Hi, wie heißt denn das Lied von dem edit?? 🙂 Ist echt saugeil.. Das Viedeo und die Tricks selbstverständlich auch!

  6. danielll said,

    Mr. Hüpfer,

    dankeschön! und der song ist:
    Robyn – cobrastyle

  7. » Nouvelle Ligne Contest 3: Daniel Prell Edit | Rollernews.com said,

    […] Daniel Prell just sent me a message that he wrote a report (with photos) of the event ; you can read it here. […]

  8. Olfert said,

    hey ERT!
    photo’s will be there in you mailbox tonight!

  9. bruce said,


    Pls could you explain how you managed embed vimeo into your wordpress blog. Is your site hosted by wordpress.com. Mine is not.

    Much appreciated


  10. bali wedding video said,

    great blog, how does you put the video into your post??

  11. Deaf Lens said,

    Great stuff – came across this blog by accident when looking for wordpress information – keep up the good work

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