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Interview with Daniel Prell
02 Jul 2008, by mS

I think I first heard of Daniel Prell at an X-Battle in Barcelona, where he pulled some of the most insane skating I had ever seen, including 450 back royale on a hand rail, which I think was the first I had ever seen. He has consistently won contests across Europe since then, and is one of those skaters that are always at the top of their game. Not only is his skating a force to be reckoned with, but he is also one of the most loyal, responsible and professional skaters out there, always the first to try new products, to promote his sponsors and represent them to the fullest. After a long stretch of injury, he is back, and has already won the first two contests he has skated in.

Pic Alex AMF

Read on to discover more about Daniel Prell.

OliBenet: All right Daniel, introduce yourself, where do you live, what is your full name and what is your age?

Daniel Prell: My name is Daniel Prell, I am from south Germany, a small town called Augsburg and since last Saturday I’m 27.


OliBenet: No way! you’re 27? haha I can’t believe you are even older than me, I had no idea. How does that feel?

Daniel Prell: Beside that my knees act like they where 60, being 27 is quite cool, you can finally get the grown up girls.

OliBenet: haha so do you have an old woman with you now? Are you into that old people porn and stuff?

Daniel Prell: Ahhhhhh! stop that – no of course not! Were talking about 23+ girls not 30+
But on the other hand – there are some quite hot 30+ – but i guess im too young to mess with them – at least for most of them!

Cab disaster royale. Pic Bastirocks

OliBenet: Ok well let’s take this off granny porn, and get into skating. Cab disaster royale Now it seems Daniel Prell was everywhere a year ago, and then sort of disappeared for a while, what happened?

Daniel Prell: I heard he had some serious knee problems. After what must have been the 7th knee surgery the doctors didn’t really know what to do anymore. They said they couldn’t help and I had to live with it like it was… It took a long time in the gym/rehab to build up enough muscles to support the knee and take away some of the pressure before I could slowly start skating again…

OliBenet: So how has it been since you started skating again? How long were you out for exactly?

Daniel Prell: I don’t really know – I spend a lot of time in the gym and at parties – so every day was more or less the same. The best thing probably is that I made some new friends outside rollerblading that im spending lots of time with.

OliBenet: Old people? haha, so do you think its safe to skate now? Doesn’t it worry you?

Daniel Prell: People in wheelchairs mostly!
Skating is never “safe” – that would take a lot fun out of it. I’m more concerned about my health now than I was back in the day. I can’t skate every day any more, injuries take longer to heal, but still skating is what I want to do – I enjoy every single moment on skates. Mind over matter.

Pic: AMF

OliBenet: So how has skating been for you since you got back? Can you still rock or do you suck now?

Daniel Prell: The first real session I skated after my injury was in Milano, the milf town competition – somehow I managed to win it – but my muscles hurt for nearly a whole week after that.
After that I decided that it was about time to skate more again, I started travelling again – Strasbourg, Berlin, Hannover, Sestri levante, where I won an other competition (tied with USD’s Roman Abrate)
I still haven’t totally recovered and tricks like switch soul hurt as hell, but seemingly I can still do tricks and have loads of fun with my thrones but specially in skateparks I notice that it’ll take some more time to regain the strength I need for certain big tricks..

OliBenet: So who do you skate for right now?

Daniel Prell: So what do we have there: Grindhouse – Europe’s favourite skate shop, USD – simply the best, Kizer – so in love, Stygma – what you see me wearing most of the time, Undercover – what makes me roll. AND Gibbon slacklines.

OliBenet: that company that makes elastic bands? What do you do for them?

Daniel Prell: You might call it that, yes.
I used slacklines for my rehab – they are perfect to train the small muscles that stabilize ones knee. Beside that you can skate them perfectly – they are like a transportable spot – perfect for transfers and s*it like that.
Till now our deal is quiet new – but ill provide them with pictures and footage, and if I can find the time I will go with them to exhibitions.

OliBenet: That’s pretty funny, but pretty cool too, I wouldn’t mind trying one. Allright, so what is your skate setup right now?

Daniel Prell: Ill probably be carrying one around with me next time we meet.
Haha my setup ok:
Black UFS Thrones left: blue cuff, black buckle. Right: red cuff, white buckle
Sifika Sl 310 Slim liners, Kizer Air Heel shock absorbers, Kizer arrow bearings, Kizer Element frame, UC team wheels.


OliBenet: Where can people see you over the coming months? What are your current projects?

Daniel Prell: Im all spontaneous, whenever I hear about a cool event ill try to go there. Next things Ill do for sure are: Summerclash, Inline Games Hannover, the Italian roller league competitions, The German championship competitions. Ill also come up with edits about most of the events I’ll visit – you can check them on my page: danielll.wordpress.com
Next one to come: Milano and after that sestri levante…

OliBenet: Ok, well thanks, is there anything else you would like to say?

Daniel Prell: Try to skate flat rocker!!! Kizer Element frames are a totally “new” way of enjoying rollerblading. 4 wheels down is so much more fun to skate – and that’s the reason why we all started – fun. Shout outs? Now? Later? Never?


OliBenet: Thats funny, i was thinking of skating flat rocker in my elements. Shout outs now!!

Daniel Prell: Greta!!!
Team-mates! Specially Lepszy! Alex Rudolf! Alex! Mr. Spring, Tias, Olfert, Raik, Mes amis fraincais.
damn there are too many – the right people know that they are in my mind!

Daniel Prell: Oh! The most important one: Thanks mom!

OliBenet: no, the most important one is me, obviously

Daniel Prell: But you know that i love you so I don’t have to say that anymore! but you’re right: Thans Oli for finding time to do this, thanks for believing in me, thanks to Matze and Bauer from powerslide for everything!!!

OliBenet: Aw that’s nice, I wasn’t being serious! Oh well, thanks a lot Daniel!

Taken from: http://www.theconference.org


  1. The AMF said,

    yeah nigger!
    probs to the model-bitch 😉

  2. brownbrian said,

    was is den mit denen tight pants???????? erst war alles ghetto und jetzt ist jeder ein scheiss punk rocker

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