10 things – the last months? (3 Videos)

August 11, 2008 at 11:10 pm (Danielll, new injuries, Skate video, Skating, Tales) (, , )

1. I stopped working for grindhouse
2. I attended and passed an accreditation test for the local university
3. Ill start studying “interactive media” this winter semester
4. Ive got a new sponsor: Gibbon slacklines
5. Ive got a new sponsor: Lepit clothing
6. Ill spend nearly a month in africa – beginning the august 24th
7. I got top 10 in the p-rail edit competition
8. I am rocking the stache (mustache)
9. My wrist, elbow, hip, and knee are fucked up
10. In the last 2 years I gained 10kg (in the gym)
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The European championchips:
2-3rd august ive been at the european championchips in hannover.
for some reason I didnt enjoy the park that much and decided not to compete. After getting the registration money back I wasnt allowed to enter the park anymore… so I payed the 10€ and skated some little sessions but only cause there was NOTHING else to do 😉
On sunday I though I didnt make it to the finals and had a huge meal at subway (30cm +1,5 coke), comming back to the park I had 3 minutes to get ready for my run… which resulted in a “small bail”
I ended up 5th with a fucked up knee and left wrist.
But – the party was amazing!

Hannover!!! Hangover!!!
ConferenceTV Hannover:

10th august 2008 Nürnberg session:
The next weekend started on sunday – with my wrist still fucked up I took the train to nürnberg to meet my good old munich homies – Henze, Miller, Behnisch, Mathias, Basti and Alex. We teamed up with Bayreuts finest Jens, Chris and MattyWattky.
The last spot for me was a big square droprail – I attempted a switch sweaty and noticed afer half of the way down that the sharp edges of the rail somehow cut in my skate and immediately slowed my feet down. Unfortunately only my feet. I performed a perfect body impact to pain. After regaining some of my strength I decided that I couldnt let the rail win and front 50/50ied it.
A security nearly sued me for – well haha for something and mathias for something else…
Now ive got a “cast” at the wrist and elbow, my hip is also fucked up. but it was a nice “weekend”

ConferenceTV nürnberg:

13th – 19th July – the grindhouse Taliban tour – aka roll together
That tour was totally insane. Sex and drugs and britney spears meet rollerblading.
I cant tell too much cause my good friend Maik “the stick” and me wrote an article for be-mag (print).
Just so much – amsterdams hookers are cheaper than nürnbergs. To avoid paying your hotel I advise you to use the window instead of the exit. Better not loose other peoples marriage ring – that might bring trouble!
Pissing in any kind of vessel – in a car – when the driver is a rollerblader – can not be recommended.
That tour was more fun than anybody can ever imagine!!!

Grindhouse van!!!

14th June – My birthday in Italy
I spend my birthday with my homeboy and personal photoslave alex in Italy – IRP – sestri levante competition. We met Lino, lepszy and chris behnisch there. An amazingly good time – im just uploading the edit and there will be a “normal” story about the trip online soon…
Ouh, I won tied with Roman Abrate.

won money???

20th – 22nd June – Summerclash
Not my competition – but I had fun at the sausage cup.
youve got 2 minutes to drink one beer and eat one sausage – then another beer + sausage… till you puke…
Dont know i guess I placed 4th or 5th…
And ive been at the chemical brothers concert with my longtime friend RAIK. Weird concert – but good time!

Raik, Mark and me – wo is die alde???

A lot more things happened but Im to lazy to remember them.


Razors P-rail edit:



  1. rol247 said,

    coole sau

  2. rol247 said,

    alter hey der “stache” sieht auf den fotos noch porno dirk diggler 70s mässig aus als in echt
    speziell bei dem mistral

  3. jens said,

    wirst aber noch gesponsort von grindhouse, oder?

  4. danielll said,

    klar für gh fahren und arbeiten sind zwei paar schuhe!

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