Ukrain Interview + 1 day in Kiev edit

September 16, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Danielll, Skate video, Skating, Tales)

2007 I spend some days in Kiev.
Witnessed a gunfight, met a beautiful whore, partied in a super exclusive club, skated cool spots, met cool “new” people.
Kiev is a sick place – you better put it on your “places I need to skate” list!

Back home Oleg asked me for an interview and here it is.
There is also an one day in Kiev edit, dont miss out on that.
[Vimeo 1746331]

Interview: Daniel Prell
There were many reasons why we didnt post interview with such a good person like Daniel Prell. But at last we have all answers and you can see full interview with Daniel Prell!

Year ago you have visited Kyiv , tell us please something interesting about your trip to Kyiv , something about Ukrainian spots and people which you have met with ???

The spots where pretty good, some hot shit out there! – I havn`t seen too much but I was of the impression that Kiev has loads of amazing spot. It was a good time there chilling with the locals, some cool and good skaters… While we where walking through a undercrossing there was a gunfight on the other side of it – scary shit!

What is your favorite grind ?
That must be topsoul!!!

How often do you change your skates???
That changes – sometimes every month – but at the moment just every half year. Most of the time I change only the cuffs, frames or liners…

What has rollerblading gave to you??
Rollerblading is everything – its what I do, its what I think of – its everything and more.

How it is for you to be pro-rider?
Perfect – I probably traveled more than most other people of my age – which means I have totally different experiences. While they spend their weekends drunk in a club – I spend my weekends drunk in a club somewhere in a foreign country 😉

Have you ever feel something that told you to change skate and do something else??
Injuries nearly made me stop – but not because I wanted to – I just couldn`t skate, well I also couldn`t walk that good…

What was your hardest fall?
Probably back in the day in munich – desaster royal on a kinkrail – hit my head really hard, there was a lot of blood. In the hospital they thought I might have a broken neck…

Tell us please some info about you first steps in rollerblading? (you start, who has taught you…)
I had quads that I used to roll around the neighborhood with my dog – when they broke my mom bought me a pair of cheap-shitty skates as a birthdaypresent. There was a miniramp close to the shop and from that day on I went there nearly every day. We didn`t know anything about tricks – we just did what came in our minds – there where no videos, no rollernews and no magazines back in these days…

What countries do you plan to visit this year? Maybe Kyiv once more ?=)))
To be honest – I never plan anything. I just check where theres a cool event, ask my sponsors and travel there 😉 – probably ill go to Italy and France a few times. Don`t know about the rest yet.

How long have you been sponsored by rolling brands? And what feelings did you have when you got your first sponsor? What is the name of your first sponsor?
Puh – I honestly cant remember – my first sponsor was a guy who organized skates from different companies and gave them to his “team” for free – the whole thing was called EUKA. Could be nearly 10 years ago. I just bought 3-4 pairs of skates since I started.

What is your current setup ? and what is the most important for you in skates?

Best setup ever – black USD UFS thrones, black soulplates, Sifika Slim liner, Kizer shockabsorbers – some secret new Kizer frame with 8 UNDERCOVER team wheels – KIZER bearings – left skate blue celso cuff black buckle – right skate red rachard cuff white buckle.

How often do you watch rolling videos? and what is your favorite?
Actually I dont watch skatevideos that much, at home never. – I prefer old videos. FOR2, BrainFearGone, coup de tat!!! Most important is a thin liner, a skate has to be close to your feet otherwise you don`t have direct control.

What do you mostly do during your flight to another city , or country ?
I sleep a lot. Listening to music while its not allowed to switch electronic devices on.

During your study in school have you ever passed lessons to go skate?
Of course – but I finished all my schools and now Im going to study. Its important to know what lessons you can miss but its also important to earn good money…

Do you work anywhere? Do you get your finances from rollerblading?
I used to work for grindhouse but I stopped and soon ill study at the local university…
“interactive media” I dont think Ill work beside studying and rollerblading there is no time for an other job…

Have you ever got such days when you skate not for video ..and some people asked you : “why did you do this??” – what have you answered them ???
I often skate just for jun, but most of the time alone or with friends. I don`t think somebody ever asked me something like that. I guess I would answer that I skate cause I love to skate…

Have you got your own car? If yes what it is?
I don`t even have a license – In rollerblading the driver is always the idiot – not able to drink, driving while the others sleep… never get money for the gas from the others. No I don`t need that – I prefer trains.

Tell some info please about your friends with whom you are skating ?
Matze Ogger, Alex Rudolf, all the Grindhouse guys, The Lepit guys and the rest of Munichs rollerbladers and of course my friends from my town, Alex, Max and if he doesn`t have to pleasure his girlfriend Tobi Wollmann.

Do you often think about your life if you didn’t start to skate? How do you think what you do if you don’t start skating??
– This thought never came to my mind – an other sport probably – maybe I would have started studying 5 years earlier and I probably would have had better grades in school…

Your opinion on rollerblading industry at the time? How do you think what will be in the future??
– Its really small – more like a family, everybody knows all the others.
Really cant tell, but probably its going to grow – like skateboarding had its up and downs.

Daniel Prell
specially for

Also available on ROLLERNEWS



  1. Qew said,

    eehj daniel,

    so thats latest hae? your gonna study and stop riding for grindhouse wish you good luck;)

    nice i-view. liked it!! real good pictures, they look hot:) and the edit is even better real smooth tricks;)
    your a nice guy i enjoyed my summerstop in Augsburg for real and yes ich habe in dem club geklingeld…
    but why did you need to break my sunglasses? well who cares it looks good on you without the glasses during partying
    in a Hannover club.

    see you around in the future
    keep it up

    grüss dich,

  2. danielll said,

    nonono – not stop riding for grindhouse, just stoped WORKING for them – big difference!
    I knew you did that in that club haha – just knew it!
    I told you if I put your sunglasses in my backpack they would break – you said doesn’t matter – try to bring them – I tried – they broke ;(
    comming to the next hannover event this weekend?

  3. Qew said,

    ohhhh, allright now I see, you didn’t stopt riding but stopted working for them, okj I’ve got that clear right now!
    Umm well as you probbaly noticed i didn’t came to the inline brawl, i guess that’s the event you asked me for. But um, i actually wanna go to weekend to remember, i’ve great memories of it, warming up weekend for the Winterclash:D Do you know when it is?

    any plans to come to the dutch open? What up with university is it going allright?

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