TREX-Games Korea 2008

October 1, 2008 at 2:05 am (1)

I just came back from the Korean Trex games, the first event ever that was powerd by the IOC.
for now just the ranking, ill come up with some pictures and maybe an small edit in some days.
1  Alex  Broskow USA            93.33  (Gold)
2  Jeerasak  Tassorn THA     92.00  (Silver)
3  Yuto  Goto JPN                   86.67  (Bronze) Tie-B

4  Soichiro  Kanashima JPN   86.67   Tie-B

5  Erik  Bailey USA                  86.00
6  Worapoj  Boonnim THA      85.67
7  Daniel  Prell GER               83.67
8  Adrien  Claude  Anne FRA   79.00
9  Dominic  Sagona USA        78.00

10 Rian  Arnold AUS              75.00
11 Sven  Boekhorst NED        74.33
12 Albert  Hooi IRL               73.33

13 Demetrios  George USA     72.67


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