A grindhouse view on Fric 2008 – Hamburg

January 5, 2009 at 2:02 pm (Skate video)

The Fric 2008 in Hamburg was the final of the German Championship series.
The event was insane, there where probably a million skaters and everybody wanted to compete.

The level even at the amateur competition was impressive. Timm Kittlitz took the first place combining a good line with his unique style and good tricks.
In my opinion Mr. Preuss won slam of the year – you might want to check out the edit to learn more about his savanna to half bio.

The pro comp was simply off the hook. Roman Abrate won with the biggest, cleanest possible desaster backroyal. I think he also won best trick but I really dont know with which trick cause his complete run was best trick niveau.
2. dom wagner
3. julien cudot

The whole event ended at estimated 1-2 o clock with the world premier of “hey dude 3”. Unfortunately it was so crowded that I couldnt see much of the video but what I saw was good enough to make me order a copy!

Conclusion: The fric is definitely worth a visit. If you missed it this year you should make sure to be there next time.

read the rest of the entry to check out a mugshot gallery.

If you didnt see it jet make sure to take a look at the USD Fric edit I made.

Heres a little mug shot gallery


  1. bassti said,

    schöner edit!
    hey email doch mal deine aktuellen nummern damit wir die tage uns mal unterhalten können!

  2. Fredrik Andersson said,

    whats the song name in the first clip?
    roman CONGRATS super sick skating by all!

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