Daniel vs. Möly – First round 2 video online – Möly got G

February 3, 2009 at 11:30 pm (Danielll, Friends, Skate video, Skating)

Most skaters know the game of horse,
after talking about possible and impossible switchups with my friend möly weve decided to play a little game of online hores.

The Rules:
Möly starts, he films and uploads 5 switchups – then Ive got 1 week to film the same switchups and come up with 5 new ones.
For every trick I cant land I “get a letter” – whoever complets the word “Grindhouse” first loses.

We still have to figure out what the loser has to do. If youve got any idea, let us know!

check out the first 2 videos:

2.0 2nd Round MÖLY

1.5 My answer + my 5 new tricks:

1.0 Mölys “opener”:


1: Möly started with 5 “easy switchups”
2: Daniel managed to land all of them and came up with 5 new ones
3: Möly landed only 4 of the necessary Tricks and got a G – 5 new tricks to land for daniel.


  1. bassti said,

    hahaha du hast nen schreibtisch?so richtig mti stuhl und so?ich packs net hahaha
    btw i love topacids!
    good choice!

  2. Dom said,

    sehr harte Tricks

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