Tiger & Elephant miniinterview

February 6, 2009 at 1:12 am (Danielll, products)

The following interview is based on actual events that happened. Whatever that means.
All products featured in this interview are available in shops now, so snap-em up!
All shots by Alexander Mersdorf “AMF” http://amfotografie.wordpress.com/
No animals were harmed during the making of this interview.Products/brands featured:

The New Softgood line from Sifika, Stygma and Xsjado, and the Xsjado Farmer.


Ok Elephant man, introduce yourself.

– I’m just a random African elephant on vacation – As its too hot to skate in africa I thought I should pay a visit to bittercold Germany.

Are you the famous ugly Elephant Man or are you the rapper/Dancehall champion?
– I’m not that ugly – maybe my ears are a bit small but women like my eyes!

Can you throw a Rapper style pose for me?



Is a cold worse for you because of that nose?
– Imagine 2,5 kg of slime in your nose – sometimes accelerated up to 300 km by a sneeze…


As a rapping Elephant man, do you have any good ninja poses you can show me?

– Remember The Karate Kid movie from 1984? I mastered the crane technique a long time ago.


How is it possible you have tiger head shoes, and Zebra skin walls, what kind of an assassin are you? I thought elephants just ate vegetables??
– Thats just what we want you humans to believe – actually were heading straight toward world domination without you silly fools even noticing muahhahahahahah.
Ahm sorry, ive got psychological treatment because of this little problem…

Is it true, that behind your mask there is actually a human Indiana Jones Clone?
Thats a common misunderstanding – I ate Indiana Jones years ago – didnt taste too good… still got that lousy old hat taste in my mouth from time to time.


How many Zebras did you assassinate to make your wall and hood interior?
– Actually zebras sacrifice themselves to praise me – cowards.


Do you have a friend who is a tiger and can I ask him a question if you do?
– He’s more like a personal slave but I guess you can talk to him when he has finished scratching my back…


Mr Tiger, why are pirates pirates??

– I guess wiith these earrings they could only work in a gay red light district or become a pirate…

Because of the ARRRGH, according to Matty Watky. I don’t get it.


Ok you weird animal creatures. Can you ask Daniel “the hunter” Prell to come out here?




Daniel how did you like all these new clothes? How much does it cost to keep all these animals fed?
-Its pretty sick stuff, guess thats the reason Ive ordered it.
The tiger belongs to my mom and the elephant is trying to loose weight – actually ive never seen him eat.




Why do you have Xsjado’s, aren’t you skating for USD?

– Good question. Actually I cant really answer it, maybe I’m working on a project, maybe I stole them from a friend, who knows…

Whats your favourite piece of clothing of all the ones you and the animals have modelled?

-The blue zebra shirt – cant wait to carry it to the clubs!


Thanks man, where can we see you next??
– Winterclash & Youporn.com




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