Usd 7 review

June 4, 2009 at 1:00 pm (Danielll, Pictures, products, Setups) (, , , , , )

Ive been wanting to skate the 7 for quiet a while now and finally I made up my mind and ordered a pair.

first impressions:
– the cuffs seem to be pretty soft
– I dont like all whit skates fresh out of the box
– The skate seems to be quiet simple no unnecessary knickknack
– Big negative soulplate
– Skate is pretty light weight

I changed only the frame cause I prefer a good flatrockered Kizer Slimline to any other frame and I removed the shockabsorber cause I wasnt used to the “highheel” feeling it gave me,
also the skate was a bit to small with the absorbers.
The first session was on a rail we just found and I was impressed how well the skate worked from the verry beginning.
I didnt have to get used to it at all it just worked. Though comming from UFS thrones I thought it was a bit to soft for my taste but I solved this problem by tightening the laces a bit more. The royal groove is big enough and works well – the soulplate is big and slides fast.
Read the rest of the entry? drop comments if you like or dislike the text!

The next spot was a quiet high rail Ive rarely skated before. The skate performed perfectly here to. Unity and Nugen with nearly the “out of box groove” worked perfectly.
As the sun was already low we decided to stop the session here and went home to check the pics.

The next time Ive had the chance to skate the 7 was a bit weird – we were searching for spots in an abandonned building but it wasnt abandonned at all and so we couldnt skate there.
But we skated an other new rail not to far away.
Something that I should mention is that the skate fits my pretty wide feet perfectly – no pain at the side of my toes where I had loads of trouble with other skates.
We didnt have a lot of time at this spot cause its at a supermarket and we tried to avoid the police. I dont know if the rail slides perfect or the skate does but it felt perfect on all the topside grinds.
Close to the rail was the digger you can see in the picturs – that stuff was a lot  fun to skate!
After that we went back to the rail from the first session cause Max was curious about it – and it was worth it – among others he came up with an sick ao soul!
I made some negative tricks and again the skate performed perfect of course also with all the other grinds I tried.

During the session we noticed that Alexs (the photographer) car lost fuel and we decided not to go to an other spot.

Next session was in Rosenheim – some more seriouse skating should be done there. Unfortunately there are no pictures but the clips will be on the Dvd Chris Behnisch is currently working on. I dont want to say too many positive things but the skate just performed perfect. The only thing I didnt like was the softness of the cuff – but as Ive already said tightening the laces solved that problem for me.
What turned out to be a problem was me skating without shockabsorbers. We built this nice lil ramp to skate a head high fence and during a topacid 540 out I bruised my heel badly.

The skate is really good – the price is amazing (150€ @ But Ill skate Ufs thrones again cause I dont like skates that soft.
I was impressed how well the skate slides. It will last a long time cause it showed little signs of abrasion (ok I didnt skate any curbs), the soul and negative soul space is perfect, I liked the backslide groove and the simpleness of the skate. What I didnt like is the fact that I skated it without shockabsorbers – but I guess thats my own fault.

This text just represents my personal opinion, I expected a cheap low budget skate and was surprised.
In my opinion the USD 7 skates are well worth their money!


  1. » Usd 7 Skates: Review by Daniel Prell | said,

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  2. Marat Subkhankulov said,

    Nice review, it would be cool to see a review of a skate, where the skating lasts more than a couple of sessions, but more like a year or a full life of the skate, because different skates wear at different paces.

    For instance my longest lasting skate were Roces Oli Shorts, they just never die, but even the liner remained intact.

    Anyway, thanks for the review

  3. paul said,

    i have usd c.pianowski edit and they’re pretty nice 😉

  4. json adriani said,

    the free fish was sick man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. David Benski said,

    I cant skate sevens cause my penis is not big enough ;(

  6. David Benski said,

    But im still cool (beside the fact that my penis is tiny as fuck) cause i rock tight pants,
    maybe i should get a 7 but i dont know if its rock and roll enough – maybe if i puke on it before skating?

  7. Jon C said,

    Damn them boots are sweet, Dont like white skates much but those sevens are too damn sexy, and from everyone and you seem to be a very good budget skate that will last.

    I want some 😦

  8. krille said,

    Awesome pictures! looks like nice skates.

    keep it up

  9. Davidson-Pilon said,

    i love fresh white skates !

  10. jonjenkins said,


  11. Leonardo said,

    Hi Daniel, what about sizing on this skate? i’m a 44 or 10.5 US in shoe size, I recently get a pair of VII size 11 US and i feel they are very big. Do the fit true to shoe size? Should i change them for a pair of 10.5 ? Nice review and i hope you can answer me.

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