Stalkers, rumors and carbon?

September 16, 2009 at 12:23 am (Danielll, products, Setups)

People post pictures of other people on rollernews. Sounds normal.
But pictures of me landing gay after a small whatever on a small grindbox somewhere in romania? Where is that news? Ouh im skating a supersecret Usd carbon prototype?
Still ridiculous! 60 comments – even more ridiculous…
daniel prell white usd carbon skates
Want to know what i have to say about the skate? Read the rest of the Post!

some statements:
This is a prototype. Skatecompanies give prototypes to their riders to find out what needs to be improved.
for the first Usd carbon we experimented with different materials and no the material of “my” skate is not the final one.
Yes there is a hole in the toe – its ment to be there – it means ive thoroghly tested the skate.

My opinion:
This is going to be the best skate on the market. Its light. Its more comfortable than the current carbon.
Old problems have been solved. It offers more control than any other skate before.
The skate is white – I hate white skates!
The skate is 41 – Im a 42 – I still skate it.


  1. Sam H said,

    Is the cuff any higher than the deshi’s? I like the idea of these carbon skates but I’m put off by the low cuff. Something similar to ufs thrones would be nice, as I like a lot of support, but I guess most people like the v-cut style these days. If they could make a low cuff and a high cuff version for vert and stuff, that would be great! But then I suppose development and production costs might be a problem. Maybe a high cuff with an easy way to custom v-cut it could work.

    • danielll said,

      the skate has way more support than the old carbon – i had the same problem, i didnt want to skate the old carbon cause i felt unsecure in the “original” carbon.
      but I totally love the new carbon!
      I dont think they will come up with 2 versions cause I dont think its possible with the leather – its not a skin like the valo skin – you cant remove it.

  2. Marc W said,

    Das loch könnte mit ein Grund dafür sein, dass du die skates ne Nummer kleiner fahren kannst 😉

    Dein blog is super, btw!
    Grüße aus dem Allgäu!

    • danielll said,

      näh das loch is 1. nicht halb so groß wies auf den mongobildern aussieht und auch gakein komplettes loch, is nicht ganz offen. ausserdem fahr ich ihn schon in der größe seit er aus der packung kam, wurde ja nicht mit loch geliefert 🙂 trotz loch immernoch bester skate 😉
      uuuund dankeschön, freut mich wenns taugt, in manchen dingen steckt ja doch sogar etwas arbeit *gg*
      hau rein

  3. moldovanucodin said,

    I took the pics , it’s not the landing , it’s the skates. We all knew of the black carbon , but most of us didn’t know of this white carbon. 🙂 I just did a good to the world :)). No offense I hope.

    Oh , and I have to send you the pics I took.

  4. moldovanucodin said,

    OH , and I wasn’t stalking. I noticed the white carbons while I was looking at the photos.

  5. f boy said,

    Hey DPrell, can you ask USD to make the tongue a inch or 2 higher then the deshi carbons?

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