Albert Hooi Ufs Throne – setups? – new setups online 01.10.09

September 30, 2009 at 12:06 am (Danielll, products, Setups)

I just received the Al Hooi Ufs throne and as Im not allowed to leave my bed for 1-2 more weeks I decided to at least take some pics of the skate and maybe post my opinion about it – AND COME UP WITH SOME SETUPS THAT YOU OTHERWHISE MIGHT NEVER SEE. I dont claim that a green skate with a blue cuff and orange frames is appealing nor do I say its ugly.
Im not searching for the best looking Al Hooi setup – im just messing with parts I have and see the result.

first some detail shots of the original Hooi skate. I have to say that the skate looks way better than I thought. Hontestly green skates? who would want that? But holding the skate in my hand now I have to say it looks way better than any pictures promised – but as usuall thats a question of personal taste.
The skate is a “normal” Ufs Throne – which in my opinion is one of the best skates on the market! It comes with a V cut cuff. I prefer the V cutt to the normal cuff cause it enables you to move your foot in a more natural way and thus improves ones style. further the skate comes with a good shockabsorber just as I like it. The liner looks amazing. Sifika keeps improving its liners consistently. The toung is made of cord, theres a seemingly neoprene “sock” (to be closed with a hightech velcro) that holds your foot in place. The liner seems to be similar to the liner of the golden Dom Sagona skate which was the best liner since salomon times… I dont think I have to say much about the frame – its Als pro fluid and the Kizer fluid would still be my choice of frame if it wasnt for the slimline. In fact thats the only thing I would change – the frame – I love to ride flat and theres no better frame for skating flat than the Kizer slimline.
Now I forgot the wheels – Albert Hooi BHC pro wheel – I dont have anything to say about them cause I couldnt skate them.  They look good though 🙂


thats it for the review part. Lets begin the messing with some interesting colored cuffs and frames. I have to say it again – IM NOT SEARCHING THE BEST LOOKING AL HOOI SETUP – im just creating some different fun setups that nobody else would probably build cause they a) lack the parts or b) dont like the color schemes.


Actually I didnt want to upload any “interesting” setups today cause we didnt finish the shooting due to some empty batteries. But heres something to quicken the appetite.



  1. Baschno said,

    Sweet sweet SetUp, and nice ne soulplate i hope they slide faster then the old model….

  2. maik said,

    alder ich find den skate sooo heiss…schade dass ich auf ufs thrones nciht klarkomme
    der liner ist glaub ganz geil und der skater mit schwarzen parts ist ja mal zucker..mach mal ganz schwarz bitte…also schnalle frame plates blah

  3. Alex Rudolf said,

    wow netter bericht baby!! sowas wollen die leute!!!!


    bis bald

  4. » USD Albert Hooi Thrones: Pictures & Video | said,

    […] More Pics of the USD Albert Hooi Throne Skates on Daniel Prell’s Blog. […]


    […] повеќе информации тука […]

  6. deshiii said,

    Was ist eigentlich mit deinem proskate? Du fährst doch UFS und nicht Classic Thrones? Und warum ne freestyle und nicht ne slimline?
    Grüsse aus der schweiz

  7. prinzPenis said,

    da ist jemand schön artig seinen Rachard gefahren, den er bekommen hat 🙂

  8. Apostolos said,

    .green skates huh?

    well thats the skates i wanna bye for my gf! she wants to start now!

    she loves green!
    got the answer to ur question?


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