USD carbon – question & answer

December 16, 2009 at 11:42 pm (Danielll, Pictures, Skating)

This mini question and answer was posted some days ago on the conference page. shot with ma man Basti Hofer in ulm.

Daniel Prell has been one of our most consistent skaters of the decade, tirelessly churning out clips, photos and edits even though the amount of injury he has had to deal with is unreal. We sent him a pair of USD Carbons to test out for us, and compare with his previous skates, and asked him all about the experience.
1. How does skating Carbons feel different to hard boot plastic skate?

DP: I’ve got more control over the carbon than on any hard boot skate. They are closer to my feet – if I move my foot the Carbon moves – there’s no huge fluffy liner. Direct control that’s what I’m talking about.

2. How is comfort and sizing for you? What size do you ride?

DP: I’m not sure about the sizing – I’ve been skating 42 UFS Thrones with 43 liners for quite some time. I received the carbon prototype in 41and it was little bit too small. I’m waiting for a 42 which should be perfect. Even though the 41 was too small I loved it – extremely comfy, no blisters no pressure points and perfect heel support.

3. How do you find them for grinds?

DP: The skate slides fast on soul and royale, the groove is amazing for backslides, the negative plate is big but not too big.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

4. How do you find them for gaps?

DP: The shock absorber is just the way I like it – doesn’t give you the “high-heel feeling” but still does its job.
The USD Carbon has an improved cuff so you’re able to jump all the gaps you want without fearing for your ankles.

5. How do they compare to the Deshi Carbons?

DP: In my opinion they are more durable than the Deshi, the material keeps giving you the same support from the beginning till the end. In the Deshis I felt a bit insecure, the cuff didn’t give me the support I needed. To be honest I was afraid of breaking
my ankle – the USD carbon doesn’t have this problem. It’s pretty much the best skate on the market.



  1. greta said,

    du sollst nicht so viel rauchen! der bart ist aber wunderbar!

  2. jeff hamm said,

    What frames work the best with carbon 2?

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