Usd carbon limited test

June 1, 2010 at 1:22 am (Danielll, Pictures, products, Setups, Skating)

click on pics to enlarge them. Skating pics.: Basti Hofer. Studio: Daniel Prell

The limited carbon is my 3rd carbon. I’ve skated a carbon prototype, helping to finalize the skate to what you can buy today. The finalized version  and now the carbon limited.

I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I ordered. I didn’t really like the color (actually I said it’s ugly) but then I just knew some picturess and clips of the skate. As it happens often, the skate looked way better in reality. I hope my pictures come closer to reality than the ones I saw before.

I’ve decided not to skate it out of the box but change some parts. White frame instead of black, same with the buckle, soulplate and laces.

Anyway, I really like carbons cause even though they look like sneakers they are extremely long lasting.
Ive skated my last carbon the whole winter and could still skate it – the boot is “flawless”. Only thing I should have changed are the laces and the powerstraps.

For the first session Basti, Nico and Kibo from Munich came over. Nico “fell in love” with my old carbon and skated it the whole day. We went out to get some clips to come up with a small edit. The carbons work well right out of the box though it was different than my last pair cause this time I chose to get a size 42 instead of 41. It felt like the skate was easier to bend on topsides but that might just have been due to the size and not matierial. We filmed some tricks but didnt have time to create an edit yet.

Here are some pictures of the first session with my new babe.

The material of the brown carbon seams to be as long lasting as the white one though after one session I cant know for sure. The color, you either like it or you don’t. I think its pretty cool, different than black and white but not as eye cancer causing as yellow.
The skate is extremely light. When I put on carbons for the first time it took some time to get used to cause I suddenly jumped too high.
Not having an extra liner helps saving weight and gives you more direct control over your skate.
Compared to deshi carbons the usd carbon gives you way more ankle support so that gaps are no problem. But still the low cuff enables you to move your feet more naturally – which might ad to your style.
Something I really like about the carbons is that usd produces a different “shell” for every size – so if you’re a 43 you don’t have to skate a 45 shell anymore.

Conclusion: I really like the carbon, its my favorite skate, light, long lasting & stylish. But thats just my opinion, yours might differ.
If you like the looks you should go and give them a try. Maybe ask a friend or someone who owns a pair if you can try them.

Some more pictures.


  1. Kevin said,

    Worst “review” ever

  2. krabardaf said,

    Skating them too, so sick.
    I find them way better in black though, probably the most original skate design, and definitly my personnal fav.

  3. AMF said,

    hey, ich muss mir was blutig hauen und dir das hin schmieren, endlich kann ich mich für dein Blut auf meinem Remz damals rächen… MUAHAHA

    • danielll said,

      du hast ein erinnerungsvermögen wie ein elefant und ein ebensolchen ja 😉 haha

  4. 2 1/2 days with the new carbon limited. « let me bore your mind – by dprell said,

    […] When I wrote the article about the new Usd carbon limited (if you havnt seen it its HERE) I promised to come up with an edit. “Unfortunately” we filmed the edit with my new […]

  5. » Daniel Prell: no limits with the Carbons (2.5 day edit) | said,

    […] Usd Carbon limited: test by Daniel Prell. […]

  6. dave said,

    I really like what you did with white buckle/plate/frame, they really look appealing unlike standard black/brown boot. They are pretty good skates, but price is really the only thing that is kinda bothering (350 euro is seriously shit load of cash for a pair of skates).
    Anyway, nice review, sweetass photos!

    • danielll said,

      i just saw the skate for 299 in the new grindhouse catalogue but still not the cheapest skate true…

  7. Szyszka said,

    No more flat setup?

    • danielll said,

      ive changed back to antirockers in winter due to the fact that the skatepark closest to my place (1,5 hours by car) is pretty much fucked up and i wanted to see if it worked better with antirockers. then after changing the wheelsetup I got back into some tricks I didnt do for a long time – just like skates – sometimes you change them not cause they are fucked up but cause you feel the need of something new. I cant really describe it – im still a huge fan of flatsetups and ill probably go back to riding flat in a few monts – but for now im enjoying antirockers. thoug I have to admit that I miss the speed and agility of flatrockers – also im having more trouble on bad ground (again)…

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