Real Street Stuttgart – best trick (updated 02.07.2010)

June 21, 2010 at 3:25 am (Danielll, Pictures, Tales)

Saturday 19th June 2010.
After 4h of sleep my doorbell rang – basti, dagmar, dario & france saved me a place in the car. After some time in traffic jams we arrived in rainy Stuttgart.
Luckily the rain stopped before we decided skate park.

topacid to topacid - sebastian hofer shot

If you have pics or a video hook me up with the link, ill post it here so everybody will be able to find everything.

Rise postet some more pics. RISE

a short clip from the desaster royal on facebook (stefan fodor)
more pics from markus on facebook.
more pics from richie s. on facebook.
more pics from dagmar on her blog.
there is a first edit from wolfi on vimeo.
some more pics on city life blog.
There will be more on be-mag.

READ THE REST OF THE ENTRY FOR more pictures and my personal impression.

unitytobacksavanna (jupm the kink) - basti hofer

Anyway I decided not to skate the first spot – a curb to gap with slippery boards as an approach and even worse slippery floor as a landing.
I think my mate Alex Rudolf broke his wrist there – so probably missing this spot was a good idea.
Beside the circumstances people like Lucas Landthaler and Marco Baltrocco and of course others showed some nice skating.

The next spot was the well known black rail – though the grindkillers have been removed the security was grindkiller enough.But he gave us one trick. Gagi Wagenblast had a bet with Freiherr von und zu aka Miller. Something about lacing a fullcab backside savanna first try or walking around in underwear for the rest of the day. Gagi won and miller took of his pants.

The next spot was Interconti, some disgusting rails. Robert Lee connected 2 of the down rails with a Slackline but didnt succeed in landing the new born kink.
Gagi laced an insane kindgrind to kindgrind rail to rail transfer – especially insane cause of the little wall directly in the landing.
Mr. Landthaler & Mr. Obermaier skated the rails in a line. Miller, freezing his ass off, came up with a new bet to win back the right to wear clothes – ao topporn the steep rail – in underwear. He would have laced it first try if he waxed the rail before. Anyway he landed it – and fell over the wall – and finally was allowed to wear clothes again. I did a topacid to topacid transfer from the Gibbon slackline to the rail and some tricks on the disgusting round droprail – including breaking the rail with my fishbrain to ass first try.

broken rail - pic dagmar

The final and best spot – close to the maintrainstation the LBBW kinkrails. Again someone had to talk with the security but this time we had more luck and could skate for 1 hour +.
Lets just call it the best session since a long time. Everybody went nuts. Lucas Landthaler skated more and better than all the others and took the 1st place adults.
Dave Mutschal lost his frame screw and stil managed to end up second while Gagi and Mr. Obermaier had to share the 3rd place.
But as Mr. Obermaier is better than that he took a split with me on the best trick too (topacid jump the kink truetopporn vs. desaster royal).

I dont think I will come up with an edit as I only have clips of the first spot, + gagis blackrail bet. – maybe a really short teaser with just the few clips I got?

The party was pretty cool, its always fun to hang out with the boys! Thanks Klöber for organizing this amazing event.

As its 5:30 in the morning I wont read the text again but instead go to bed. Good night.

desaster royal - pic dagmar

Grindhouse legend Andre Lepszy - pic daniel prell

miller 1st try get stuck to fakie - video still

topsoul to topsoul transfer - markus born

alex rudolf back fiddy - video still

alex rudolf backsavanna - video still

marco baltrocco true miszou - video still

sacha lopez soul thread the needle - video still


  1. Real Street Contest Stuttgart June 19th 2010 « said,

    […] UPDATE: Mr. Prell also did a short report on the RSS, view HERE […]

  2. Catalin said,

    defenetly did not bored my mind !

    short teaser wil be nice !

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