Realstreet competition essen – 1st place

July 14, 2010 at 2:33 am (Uncategorized)

Friday, 9th July 2010.
After 2 days without sleep (communication psychology test & 3d presentation) I came home from university and had 1 hour to pack my stuff to go to Essen. Luckyly my friend Basti was late (traffic jam) so I had 30 minutes more. He came from munich to pick me up and we went back to munich to pick France and Timmä up. From there we went to Nürnberg to pic Alex Rudolf up. I dont know how but somehow we managed to spend 13 hours in the car. We spent the night at Maik Lojewskis place close to Essen.
We slept 3-4 hours and started the day in Maiks pool with some amazing breakfast. Thanks to fam. Lojewski!

daniel prell - topsoul jump the kink - filming francesco p. salad


The competition in short words:
1st spot: uni curbs – always hated them – maik did some good repair work – good skating from everybody – way too hot – nearly everybody ended up with a sunburn – perfect atmosphere
2nd spot: fountain curb: nice spot at least nice to skate it down the hill – Gagi watered his ipod – eugen enin laced a front nugen to onefoot water splash to frontnugen – a lot of people without shoes standing in the fountain – still pretty damn hot – food & supermarket break
3rd spot: Session of the day – non stop amazing tricks from everybody – Jo Zonk . topacid.trueacid – Eugen Enin . 360 nugen to topsoul 540 – Alex Rudolf . everything – Dave Mutschall . ao topacid 360 kindgrind – Daniel Gourski . backside unity to everything.
spot4: the kinkrail – Disgusting – just as I like it – grass so steep its more dangerouse than a droprail – right side (drop) superfast – left side “slow” – T.v.Rixel . True miszou = best trick – I ate shit 4 times trying an unity to topsoul to backsavanna – changed my mind and did a topsoul jump the kink – Eugen did a scarry topsoul 540 gap – Cant remember more right now

Anyway – the competition was pretty good – no police, a lot of good tricks – good atmosphere – nice sunburns – easy and hard spots – good friends – all you need.
I won 300 euro – quite good for a “small” street competition – eugen got second and earned 150€ – T.v. Rixtel got 50 for the 3rd place.

We drove home without having any more sleep – by the way – as usuall basti drove alone! all the way! ALONE! Again it took 13-14 hours to get home but it definitely was worth it!

for more pictures and a different point of view visite be-mag!
for more pictures from peter bender visite flickr!


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  1. Raik said,

    ey boiy die be-mag verlinkung funzt nich!

    ansonsten schön 😉

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