Nightsession II

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Daniel Prell - bs royal

Some time ago the Augsburg connection saved up money to buy a generator.
Saturday the 18th September we called some friends to meet up in the newly opened bowl (munich).
To check out more pictures (rus-star) and find out about the session read the whole entry.

the bowl

The session started at about 9 pm after the skateboarders left cause it was too dark, good thing it didnt stay dark for long. Id say we were 30 skaters or more, even lucas came all the way from ulm.
We decided to skate the long straight quater first. The conditions were perfect, the light worked amazingly well, it wasnt too cold and the probably for the first time waxed copings slided perfectly.

oldschool legend robert krüger - frontside savanna

As the bowl is quite difficult to skate we saw some good bails. Specially People who tried to grind the 180° corner experienced that the table is pretty small and the next bowl pretty deep. One of the best tricks I saw was Lucas doing a highspeed sweaty around the tight 180° corner.

Lucas Landthaler - sweaty

After some time we changed the light setup to skate the other side, a long slightly bend quater with a hip in the beginning. The first people started to go home, others chilled with some beer and watched the skating.

Tobi Wollmann - Fish

The session ended at about 1-2 o`clock after my wheel melted. We filmed a lot the whole day – sorry the whole night, but we wont make an edit from just one bowl session, so youll have to wait a bit longer to see some hotness.

To say the least, it was amazing to have rollerbladers only in a newly opened park – im pretty sure this wont happen again in the near future – but just because the next nightsession will take part in an other park/street spot.
Thanks everybody for showing up and making the session this perfect!
Thanks to Wladi for the pics, Chris for filming, Max for the ride, Nicko for the beer, France for the salad, everyone for the good time!

See you when the sun goes down.

chicko topporn with borrowed skates


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