First session with the carbon 2.

September 26, 2010 at 5:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I just received a carbon 2 and im going to film a little edit with it – a lot of people asked me fo that. Unfortunately i dont have the time now but instead ill post something about the first time skating the carbon though I wont give away any informations about the skate – just a fun story about the first session.

If there are any questions about the skate – post them as a comment – ill try to answer them in my upcomming review.

pictures and snapshots by AMF.

Read the story of our session.

I always wanted to skate a certain rail – its head high and has a little bit higher gap at the end. Me and my friend Alex packed his car with boards and stuff to build a ramp ther but things ended up completely different.
The rail is at a supermarket so we decided to wait till the supermarket closes – unfortunately it took the people working there ages to leave – in the end the last guys left and asked us to leave the supermarket parking cause they wanted to close that too. Unfortnately at this time it was already dark but there was enough light at the parkin.
What we didnt know – they switch that light out when they close the supermarket. But as it was still early we wanted to use our generator to solve the light problem.
But there still was one guy sitting in a car in front of the entrance – we figured he was waiting for the manager or something – when he left it was already 10 and because the next houses were too close we didnt want to attract the police with our loud generator.

In the meantime Chris arrived by foot and Hannes by bike – we decided to try another spot. As chris had no means of transportation he had to squeeze in the back of the car with the generator and all the boards n stuff – it was quite impossible but he made it.

The next spot was directly at a Mcdonalds and we could not use the generator there cause we could use the generator without blinding al the cars.
Luckily there was a bent rail right on the other side of the street.
When the lights were set up a woman came over from McDonalds – we were sure she would tell us to go away – but she didnt. She only asked us if we could possibly turn the light a bit cause it was blinding her in the McDrive. We used the boards to set up an approach and I started skating – none of the others wanted to try the rail as it was bent 90° and square. Loads of cars passed but nobody complained, even the police passed without even stopping. When we stopped filming finally one car stopped complaining – but who cares we were finished anyway.

So the night turned out to be a success after all, we got some clips and no trouble.

The carbon 2 works perfectly. I really liked the USD carbons but the carbon 2 is much better. I dont want to say too much as im going to write a full review soon but the skate has way more flex to the front, back and side but still offers all the support I need. Unfortunately the prototype im skating is 41 and my size is 42 so me feet hurt really bad skating it.

more to come soon.


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