A Chosen Few Stuttgart & recovering

July 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm (new injuries, Pictures)

We spend a lot of time with the organisation of the event and now as its over i have to say it was definitely worth it.

The competition was huge, we had up to 200? skaters, no trouble with the police, good weather and the best after party ever.
And I totally mean THE BEST. Ouh and one of the most amazing last tricks ever but did I already mention the BEST party?
2 guys got dragged out of the club sleeping, one for molesting girls, and five others for whatever. We “met” a crazy äh girl that ähm tried to improve her flute playing skills. Some moments later she decided that somebody hit her, freaked out and tried to beat me up. She got beer showered for slapping someone else. One of us got lost and was found sleeping by medics. two times. And got lost again while others spend 2-300€ to ensure that nobody had to suffer from thirst. While one of us left early to catch a flight to hollywood others had interesting encounters with the police cause some people considered them “too loud”. I guess I dont have to mention all the good music, the dancing and drinking…

However, as you might or might not know a few months ago I had a shoulder surgery and didnt really skate since then.
During the comp ive tried to really skate for the first time. Well the shoulder takes some more time to heal up but its getting better…

fish - koss shot

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