Rollinz 2012 – first place – best trick – beer. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

May 20, 2012 at 12:36 pm (Skate video) (, , , , , , , , )

So I ended up winning the Rollinz 2012 competition & best trick but lets start at the beginning:

Thursday way too early in the morning – doorbell rings – michi, harry & max came to wake me up – well actually they thought I would already be up.
3,5 hours later we arrived in Linz (austria) – still extremely tired cause sleeping in a car sucks.

some kind of invert 360 transfer – shot by mr.wagner


Actually I dont like competitions too much – but I love meeting all the skaters so there is no way around competitions. One of my superoldsuperEGScrewhomies, werner organized the whole thing and he did an awesome job. The austrian skating scene is awesome – awesomeawesomeawesom – I tend to overuse this word. Lots of awesome people where there, Frido, Gape, Werner, Willi, Bruno from Brazil, The Razors team with Horn, Dre, Tias & Alex. simply too many to name all!

Anyway we had some awesome 😉 sessions during the day. Ive just skated the skatepark once before when it was full of boarders so I really enjoyed skating all the “new” obstacles.
The final was pretty exhausting, Martin, Nejc & me shredding the whole park for what felt like 20 minutes.
I dont remember too many tricks but during the comp I came up with the idea of tring a 450 wallride to fakie, tried it once and didnt land it.  When Werner anounced the last trick he kind of made it clear that I had to try that again. I never did this trick on a  similar obstacle so I was pretty sure that I would not be able to land it being super tired and all that. In my mind I went through what I did before and decided to go a little bit slower but try to press harder against the wall to make it back into the quater. I landed it. Such an awesome feeling – pushing your limits, landing something that you didnt expect to land, super exciting. Anyway this last trick won me 50€ for the best trick. I also won 300€ for the overall first place and one of those sweet Kizer backpacks.
I dont know if that makes any sense but I wanted to explain the feeling I had about that trick cause those moments are so amazing and nearly impossible to find outside of rollerblading.

After the comp there was a nice miniramp session, some people asked me about the new trick ive been doing a lot lately (minirampedit etc) so I tried to explain how it works. Its pretty easy and Im sure you guys will land it in no time!

Before we went home we visited the “Schnitzelhaus” where everybody got a beer and an incredibly huge schnitzel/cordon bleu.

I guess we got some more beers during several stops at gas stations. The way back was a lot of fun not only cause we took Willi with us to munich but also cause traveling with friends is simply the best thing you can do. When we  dropped Willi in Munich at hotel “Miro & Lopez” we  decided it was time for more beer and visited a bar.

One of the best moments definitely was when Willi came out of the Schnitzelhaus cause he wanted to buy an other beer but instead of bought a radler, noticed his mistake only after opening the can and went straight in for another way to expensive beer!
What a perfect day.


1. Daniel Prell
2. Martin Walchshofer
3. Nejc Jamšček
4. Fridolin Eelbo
5. Josef Schwarzenbach
6. Willi Krüger
7. Josef Haindl
8. Mario Reithofer
9. Sanjin Hadžiomerspahić
10. Daniel Benja


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