what ive been up to these days

September 30, 2012 at 10:25 pm (new injuries, Tales)

in short:
been injured skating – already out for a week – knee is getting better – needs to work next saturday for the german minramp masters thingy.

Ive worked on a be-mag in depth interview – should be online soon but dont want to spoil it with a preview 🙂

Im intending to take part in some ominous online video competition.
So I collected some clips, and decided to find out how well my new computer can edit/render.
BOOOJA this machine is on fucking fire!

clip should be online these days.

also next week university starts again – yay – i can’t wait 😦


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Some words about recovery & the wrs competion

December 2, 2011 at 8:57 pm (new injuries, Skate video, Skating, video) (, , )

As some might now, in april I had an accident and messed up my shoulder really bad. Doctor said I might lose about 30 degree mobility. All the ligaments have been torn and during the surgery he wasnt able to restore them. I also had some torn sinews, muscles, a blasted joint and some more stuff. For 2 months + I wasnt allowed to move my arm…
Since then Ive started working on my shoulder & arm basically every day. Today it feels quite ok. It still hurts during certain movements but for the most part I can use it like I used to. Though I have to take care not to fall on it cause it might dislocate really fast without the ligaments. Anyway I didnt lose any mobility which Im really glad about.

some weeks post surgery…

When I found out about the wrs uploaded competition I just started getting back into skating, mostly curbs and small stuff. Anyway I decided to try and come up with an edit and heres the result.

You should definitely check the wrs page and watch all the edits!

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A Chosen Few Stuttgart & recovering

July 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm (new injuries, Pictures)

We spend a lot of time with the organisation of the event and now as its over i have to say it was definitely worth it.

The competition was huge, we had up to 200? skaters, no trouble with the police, good weather and the best after party ever.
And I totally mean THE BEST. Ouh and one of the most amazing last tricks ever but did I already mention the BEST party?
2 guys got dragged out of the club sleeping, one for molesting girls, and five others for whatever. We “met” a crazy äh girl that ähm tried to improve her flute playing skills. Some moments later she decided that somebody hit her, freaked out and tried to beat me up. She got beer showered for slapping someone else. One of us got lost and was found sleeping by medics. two times. And got lost again while others spend 2-300€ to ensure that nobody had to suffer from thirst. While one of us left early to catch a flight to hollywood others had interesting encounters with the police cause some people considered them “too loud”. I guess I dont have to mention all the good music, the dancing and drinking…

However, as you might or might not know a few months ago I had a shoulder surgery and didnt really skate since then.
During the comp ive tried to really skate for the first time. Well the shoulder takes some more time to heal up but its getting better…

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shoulder injury – 3 torn ligaments – 5 weeks post surgery update

May 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm (new injuries)

5 weeks ago i had a pretty stupid accident when i went home from uni by bike. In a sharp bend a family with 2 baby buggies blocked the sidewalk and as i was pretty fast i had to go to the street. In order not to be killed by a car i performed a frontflip over my handlebar. unfortunately right before i landed someone decided to build a  small curbstone just where i decided to land with my shoulder. 4 weeks later i went to the doctor, he directly sent me to the hospital n one day later i had a surgery. i was supposed to stay 5 days +but the day after the surgery i left cause

1) it costs money every day i stay
2) it was extremely borring (no tv, no cellphones, no internet, …)
3) my doctor left after the surgery and nobody even knew what he did
4) i couldnt sleep there
5) weakup at 5 to clean the beds – “sleeping at 22
6) bad food

Now im at home recovering. after 1 week im allowed to move the shoulder a bit, after 6 weeks i can move it up to 90 degree. worst case im going to lose up to 30 degree mobility.
thanks to everybody for the good wishes! i cant really write well with just one hand but ill try to keep you updated.

monday – doctor
tuesday – hospital
wednesday – surgery
thursday – went home “early”
friday – being home, pain = bad but bearable if i dont move

2 weeks post surgery:
monday – today the stitches got removed and the bruise is getting smaller.
in 6 weeks im allowed to move my arm again – yeah.

3 weeks post surgery:
good weather – new skates = perfect summer? not for me.
in 5 weeks I should be able to move my arm more than 90 degree – hate this summer.

5 weeks post surgery:
still not perfect but i went out for a little skating. unfortunately i have to wait a bit longer cause the shoulder still hurts too much.

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Health? whats that.

September 28, 2009 at 12:42 pm (Danielll, new injuries)

Ive been in the hospital for 1 week now. But lets start at the beginning.
After being on tour for 2 months I started to feel a bit “not so good”.

Sunday the 20th September I ended up in the hospital with an emergency surgery.
My blood test results were horrible. To be a little imprecise it was an inflammation
of my lower stomach.
Today on monday the 28th I was sent home – to stay in bed for at least one more week.
That means Ill be ready to leave bed right in time for university. yeay…

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10 things – the last months? (3 Videos)

August 11, 2008 at 11:10 pm (Danielll, new injuries, Skate video, Skating, Tales) (, , )

1. I stopped working for grindhouse
2. I attended and passed an accreditation test for the local university
3. Ill start studying “interactive media” this winter semester
4. Ive got a new sponsor: Gibbon slacklines
5. Ive got a new sponsor: Lepit clothing
6. Ill spend nearly a month in africa – beginning the august 24th
7. I got top 10 in the p-rail edit competition
8. I am rocking the stache (mustache)
9. My wrist, elbow, hip, and knee are fucked up
10. In the last 2 years I gained 10kg (in the gym)
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And the next knee surgery please! update 10.10.2007

September 2, 2007 at 12:00 am (Danielll, new injuries)

After last years knee surgery knee(left knee) – the plate and 7 screws still not removed – Read the rest of this entry »

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July 10, 2007 at 1:57 am (Danielll, new injuries, Toys)

I`ve payed a visit to my doctor today,
I have a capsular tear in the right middle finger and have to wear a cast for two weeks
and I have to come back for a closer examination of my knee in 2 days –
the doc guessed it could be an abscess in my right knee…

on the other hand I just bought a new laptop – 2200€ pictures as soon as it arrives here
and a fisheye for my canon xh-a1 hd camera pictures also when it arrives here.
Oh and I bought a new internal hard disk 400 gb and a external 400 gb.

If  I have enough money left ill buy a canon eos 30d dslr. well see 😉

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