USD carbon 4 – review

August 29, 2012 at 11:09 pm (Danielll, products, Setups)

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Yay I received my Carbon 4.
First thing I have to mention is that Im skating carbon frees in 42 – but the carbon 4 fits better in 43.  Good thing is that there doesnt seam to be any difference in the real size of the boot/shell. At least It doesnt appear to be longer than my free.
My personal carbon size table would  be:

carbon f  – 42;     carbon 1 – 42;     carbon 2 – 42;     carbon 3 – 43;     carbon 4 – 43;

– The Liner:
Thats right, the skate comes with a liner. I have to admit that Im not a fan of the idea of carbons with a liner. Good news is that the liner is really thin and pretty comfortable. So actually the liner is a nice add on. The skate felt a bit tighter in the outer small toe area – but that might be cause I compared it to a several months old carbon free. For most people this is probably not going to be a problem but I cant skate most skates cause years of skating deformed my feet so they are pretty wide (The USD carbon is the skate I have the least problems with that). Also I didnt heatmould neither the liner nor the skate. Thats right the liner is heatmouldable.
My friend Chris made a Video about heatmoulding the liner, if youre interested check it out:

Im not sure if the skate is heatmouldable but then I remember heatmoulding UFS thrones back in the day… so its definitely worth a try.
Something that I really like about the liner are the laces. By tightening them you can get some extra support – and obviously you can just remove them if you dont need them to gain some flex.  The tongue is big and most importantly doesnt twist or move too much during skating.
An other important feature (at least for me) that is often ignored is the big, solid loop so one can carry the skate comfortable without hurting your fingers.

– The Cuff
The Cuff has changed a lot. With 4 screws you can turn it into an V-cut cuff and from V-cut back to a normal cuff. An awesome feature if you ask me. The buckle is extremely solid – I guess its aluminium. Its well protected and lasts forever – at least mine does. Ive been skating carbon since the first one came out and never managed to mess up a buckle so badly that i could not use it anymore. Another good thing is that you can skate the “old” cuff too – I put on the cuff of my carbon free as its softer than the new cuff – but thats just cause I like my skates extremely soft.
If you own some kind of multitool you can also just turn the new cuff into the old cuff by removing the lower part. I didnt do that but its pretty obvious.

– The Powerstrap
Thats a really small but good improvement. The ps is now remove and exchangeable. So you can skate with or without it or replace it if its fucked up. The old one was replaceable too – but not the metal parts. Now you can change them too – with just 1-2 screws.

– Flex
For me Flex is one of the most important features of a skate. After 7 knee surgeries I prefer extremely soft skates so I dont have to bend my knees like crazy to go topside on curbs. When it comes to flex the carbon 4 is quite similar to the carbon 3 – which means it offers more support than I want. The good thing about the skate is that you have a lot of control about the amount of flex it offers.

For the maximum amount of flex do the following:
– remove the laces of the liner.
– remove the normal laces like 1-2 eyes (holes).
– make the cuff a v-cut cuff OR buy/use an old cuff
– And finally the trick with the most impact – put an shock absorber under the liner.
With an combination of these “tricks” im pretty sure that you will find the perfect flex for you.
As every carbon the skate offers a lot of flex to the front and (with the v-cut) also to the back. In my opinion this is totally necessary to enable you to move more naturally and thus more stylish.

– Shock absorber
The skate comes with a small but good shock absorber integrated in the sole of the liner. For most people that should be enough (me included) – if you feel like you need more you can still add some extra shock absorbers under the liner.

– Carbon/weight
Like every carbon the skate is amazingly light – in size 42 boot only it should be like 1,1 kg.  Im not sure but I heard the carbon got overworked and is stronger now – it for sure looks different.

– Side Protection
USD included some “rubber side protection” thingy. I personally dont need that but than I change my skates pretty often. It doesnt mess up the looks and helps to make the skate more durable so its a nice improvement.

– The Soulplate
The carbon 4 has the same soulplate as the carbon 2, 3 & free. Its got a big but not too big soulspace and the negative space is big enough to do negatives even on “bigger” rails. It slides really fast on soul and royals. Even if I could I wouldnt change a thing.

– Conclusion
In my opinion the carbon series is the best the skate market has to offer. I love the sneaker like looks, the skates are super light, super customizable, offer all the flex and support I want, the soulplates work perfectly well – there is nothing I would really change.
Im not sure if im going to skate a C4 or continue to skate Cfrees. Both skates are pretty awesome and qite similar. I might go for the carbon free but only cause Im on my second pair already and Im really used to how it feels.

I wrote about the carbon II some time ago – if you want to know my opinion on that skate check LINK
The same goes for the Imperial. LINK  and the carbon free vs. carbon II.

If I missed something important that youd like to know more about let me know, best on facebook…


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Carbon II review

December 21, 2010 at 12:19 am (products, Setups, Skating)

First of all I have to say that this review is based on my personal experiences and opinions. I know it sounds really positive but that´s just because I`m seriously in love with the carbon II.

As I skated the deshi carbon, several Usd carbons, a prototype of the carbon II and now the carbon II white I thought some people might be interested in what I have to say about the skate.
One day I received a parcle from Usd – I thought it was the new clothing line – and I was right. But the parcle also contained a pair of carbon II`s.
I don`t know if the skate weights even less than the “old” carbons but it`s defninitely extremely light.

open the article to read the whole review and check some more pictures.

or just go and see the pictures on my flickr.

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2 1/2 days with the new carbon limited.

June 14, 2010 at 11:08 pm (Danielll, Setups, Skate video)

double negative to x-grind 540 off - basti hofer shot

When I wrote the article about the new Usd carbon limited (if you havnt seen it its HERE) I promised to come up with an edit. “Unfortunately” we filmed the edit with my new canon eos 7d and I had only 1 battery. As a result we ran out of battery at the second spot. So instead of a “my first day with the new carbon edit” I decided to make a “my first 2 (1/2) days with the new carbon edit”.

to read the rest and see the video click…
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Usd carbon limited test

June 1, 2010 at 1:22 am (Danielll, Pictures, products, Setups, Skating)

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Albert Hooi Ufs Throne – setups? – new setups online 01.10.09

September 30, 2009 at 12:06 am (Danielll, products, Setups)

I just received the Al Hooi Ufs throne and as Im not allowed to leave my bed for 1-2 more weeks I decided to at least take some pics of the skate and maybe post my opinion about it – AND COME UP WITH SOME SETUPS THAT YOU OTHERWHISE MIGHT NEVER SEE. I dont claim that a green skate with a blue cuff and orange frames is appealing nor do I say its ugly.
Im not searching for the best looking Al Hooi setup – im just messing with parts I have and see the result.

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Stalkers, rumors and carbon?

September 16, 2009 at 12:23 am (Danielll, products, Setups)

People post pictures of other people on rollernews. Sounds normal.
But pictures of me landing gay after a small whatever on a small grindbox somewhere in romania? Where is that news? Ouh im skating a supersecret Usd carbon prototype?
Still ridiculous! 60 comments – even more ridiculous…
daniel prell white usd carbon skates
Want to know what i have to say about the skate? Read the rest of the Post!
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Proskate? 2009

July 29, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Danielll, products, Setups, Toys)

Here we go – Daniel Prell Usd 2009!

proskate 2009

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Usd 7 review

June 4, 2009 at 1:00 pm (Danielll, Pictures, products, Setups) (, , , , , )

Ive been wanting to skate the 7 for quiet a while now and finally I made up my mind and ordered a pair.

first impressions:
– the cuffs seem to be pretty soft
– I dont like all whit skates fresh out of the box
– The skate seems to be quiet simple no unnecessary knickknack
– Big negative soulplate
– Skate is pretty light weight

I changed only the frame cause I prefer a good flatrockered Kizer Slimline to any other frame and I removed the shockabsorber cause I wasnt used to the “highheel” feeling it gave me,
also the skate was a bit to small with the absorbers.
The first session was on a rail we just found and I was impressed how well the skate worked from the verry beginning.
I didnt have to get used to it at all it just worked. Though comming from UFS thrones I thought it was a bit to soft for my taste but I solved this problem by tightening the laces a bit more. The royal groove is big enough and works well – the soulplate is big and slides fast.
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Xsjado Chris Farmer – ulm checkout

January 28, 2009 at 2:12 pm (Danielll, products, Setups, Skating)


540 lukang

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Sagona Setups + some conference stuff

November 30, 2008 at 2:21 am (products, Setups)

As the amazing Dominic Sagona UFS throne should be available “everywhere” by now – at least it is at Grindhouse – I thought it could be fun to come up with some setups.

This is not a serious “Im looking for the best looking sagona setup” post.
Its more a “i received the new  sagona, lets see what crazy color combinations we can create” post. We had only one hour to “set up the studio” and take all the pics – so please forgive us the unironed background.

If you want to see a certain setup, drop a comment, when there are a few I might find the time to take some new pictures.

By the way, the skate comes with an extra pair of golden laces but I was too lazy to change the laces all the time…
Some people asked for more detailed pics of the liner and here they are.
pics by AMF (and me)
Make sure to click on “read the rest of this entry” to see all the pics.
original sagona setup
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