WTF just happened? German championships + Revolte Köln.

October 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm (Pictures, Tales) (, , , , , , , , , )

Ok – Max, Michi & Me went to wuppertal (7 hours drive) for the final of the Grindhouse miniramp masters. I didnt skate for 2 weeks cause I injured my knee (torn meniscus). Anyway we skated the friday night session till probably 2 – met up with Adrien & Sarah & Kevin (our host) and finished the night at about 6 with way too much beer n’ stuff.

The competition was fun – though I couldn’t really skate – fooled around a bit but couldn’t move fast and my knee hurt bad. Anyway we all had a lot of fun – I’m glad I skated cause the final session with my bro JO and the others cause it was awesome. Anyway I somehow ended up 3rd place and thus won the overall Title of German Champion.

1. Jo rodeo 5 –    2. Max philips 7 –         3. Me stale 3 trans –      4. Michi weird handflip
pics by basti hofer

a short clip of a tap wallride and a 450 wallfail

Aaaaand then it began. We bought beer & vodka, drove to cologne – met up with our friends Artur & Denis where the party warmup was already in full swing. As it was already pretty late we decided to skip the shower and join the drinking.

Well actually everything was “normal” till this guy started to play:

Suddenly weird things happened all over the place.

Some highlights:

multiple beer & water showers all over the place. stolen & regained caps. superawesome music played way too loud. The mendatorily lost hofer who ended up sleeping in his car just in front of our place. An “interesting” encounter with the police. Jo faced the cake some girl brought for some reason. Crazy colors all over the place. I ended up not wearing my shirt all evening long cause it was soaked with mostly beer (I guess). Michi lost his glasses on the dancefloor and once again I found them (2nd or 3rd time this happened).
JO fell cause the wall he wanted to lean on suddenly didn’t excist anymore. Ouh and I just found out there was a second floor 🙂
Conclusion: Revolte is the most disgusting party ever. I FUCKING LOVE IT!

I want to thank GRINDHOUSE and the guys for the competition.  AND thanks for everybody who destroyed the party.
ouh and – I’m the german miniramp champion 2012 HA! 🙂


if you want to see some more skating related pictures click HERE.


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what ive been up to these days

September 30, 2012 at 10:25 pm (new injuries, Tales)

in short:
been injured skating – already out for a week – knee is getting better – needs to work next saturday for the german minramp masters thingy.

Ive worked on a be-mag in depth interview – should be online soon but dont want to spoil it with a preview 🙂

Im intending to take part in some ominous online video competition.
So I collected some clips, and decided to find out how well my new computer can edit/render.
BOOOJA this machine is on fucking fire!

clip should be online these days.

also next week university starts again – yay – i can’t wait 😦

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Grindhouse Miniramp masters Hamburg

September 19, 2012 at 3:27 am (Danielll, Tales) (, , , , , , , )

We left Augsburg on Friday afternoon. Barely 9 hours later we arrived in Hamburg – right in time to join the night shred in the I-Punkt skateland for one hour – ended midnight.
We slept at Assia & Jürgens place – well first we left it at about 2.30 to party at the kiez. Everybody had at least a 6pack of 0,5l beer before we even started to drink the disgusting mexican shots. I couldnt count but we had at  least 50 – cause one of them costs only 50 cents.
My stomach is still sour when I think about it.
Anyway after sleeping a few hours and a few hours more in our car in front of the skatepark – 30 minutes before the competition we got up and tried to warm up. That just led me to the toilet to get rid of last nights kebab & some rest booze.
Anyway the competition was fun – Somehow I managed to end up second place behind my bro fedor. who is amazing by the way.
blahblah competition was awesome blahblah – anyway after taking a shower we had another superamazing party – Me and my mate michi ended up being the last skaters destroying the dancefloor. After several extremely funny incidents I dare not post we somehow found our way home to our beds.
We spend the whole sunday shreding some streetspots in hamburg – ended up with several clips and an awesome time. Hamburg has fucking weird/crazy/cool spots and locals.

At about 18-19.00 we left hamburg to crash at our boy maiks place in essen – thats a 4-5 hour ride. We arrived really late – got some beers and fell asleep watching tv, drinking beer and talking about everything and nothing.
Maik had to work in the morning but somehow managed to only wake us up when he came back at about 13.00

After warming up with a game of skate in a close by skatepark we found a burned down swimmingpool. it took us hours to build a bank that we could use to drop in from the side and a lil kicker to grind the edge of the pool – but it was so fucking worth it.
Before we could get any real good clips though the police arrived and told us to leave. But they were nice enough to let us continue for 5 minutes and we actually managed to get some clips during that time.

anyway this was another fucking amazing weekend.
thanks to our hosts for being awesome – grindhouse for making the competition possible and supporting my travels.

a pic from alex stock.

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streetside games prague

August 29, 2012 at 1:17 pm (Danielll, Skate video, Skating, Tales) (, , , , , , )

I finished a little edit with my tricks from the comp

Were back from our weekend in prague.
beside bringing home the second place we totally destroyed “Karlovy lázně” which is supposedly the biggest club in europe.
Its a fun little club (with at least 7 areas) that offers shitloads of free drinks and nobody complains if you smash the classes on the dancefloor or pour your drinks over everybody around you. About 0,5 minutes from the club at Karlsbridge theres lots of friendly dudes offering you marijuana, kokain and everything else for little krowns. And if you still have energy after partying all night you can visite the night gym and have some happy ending for like 1000 krowns (1€= 25 k). After Max fell down on his way home for “no apparent” reason and we tried to help keeping the city clean by emptying huge ashtrays we ended the night with loads of free food from the hotels fridge. Unfortunately on sunday nobody felt like skating anymore – but at least nobody puked – on sunday – well at least not after we got up and left the hotel 3 hours late.

aaaand picture time:

topsoul 540 gap
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Realstreet Berlin

July 26, 2012 at 2:21 am (Pictures, Skating, Tales) (, , , , , , )

Im back from the realstreet Berlin.
Congratulations to Jojo for organizing another amazing event.
Ull have to wait for pictures a few days longer as I hooked up Be-mag with everything we shot.

Only thing I already have is this picture of a droprail I skated like an hour after the competition.
Actually I didnt have any energy left after 6 hours in a car and a whole day of skating the competition but when I saw this beauty I just had to to it. Didnt have stairs nor floor in the runup. So we broke into a closed cinemy nearby and got some boards to somehow fix the runup. Long story short heres the pic (by Paul Sengstock), the clips are going to be in my next section.

There is an edit about the realstreet, just found it on RN – theres an zerospin negative mistral of me somewhere.

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current ranking of the german miniramp masters series

June 23, 2012 at 9:11 pm (Tales) (, , , , , , , , )

seams legit 😉

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Miniramp masters Part 2 – Bremen – 2nd place

June 21, 2012 at 1:23 pm (Pictures, Tales) (, , , , , , , , , , )

The weekend right after I turned 31 we went to bremen for the 2nd stop of the german miniramp masters series.
Me and the rest of Altschwechtaler tours arrived on friday afternoon and had an awesome miniramp session in the sportgarten Bremen.  We wasted the night on pizza and beer and slept in tents right next to the skatepark. The initial plan was to BBQ but it rained.
I woke up cause some fucked up retards – aka some of my best friends danced around my tent and sang happy birthday. One simply has to love these guys.
Anyway the contest was a blast – cool ramps n good times with awesome people.
I ended up second place behind Sascha Winters – who owns this miniramp for over 10 years – dude flows like water that has the ability to jump 10 meters high.  Anyway awesome session with everyone – have to mention that hamburg has some of the best dudes out there.

Anyway it was amazing, blahblah – check out some pictures and the edit by alex stock!

pictures by alex stock.

For more pics check: LINK

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Halloween Session 2010

October 31, 2010 at 5:33 pm (Danielll, Pictures, Tales)

Halloween Session 2010

Samstag, 30ter Oktober 2010.
Zwischen 50-60 Skater aus ganz Deutschland haben sich in der Ulmer Reithalle zur Halloween Session eingefunden. Zu sehen gab es neben vielen „normalen“ Kostümen auch einige ausgefallenere. Der Preis für das definitiv beste Kostüm ging an Dagmar aus München für ihre Interpretation eines lebenden Müllbergmonsters. Das kostümierte skaten bereitete einigen größere Probleme als erwartet, davon unbeeindruckt zeigte sich Jotis aus Heidenheim, wenn überhaupt wirkte er noch sicherer mit seiner Sith (Star Wars) Maske. Neben Unzähligen Sessions an allen nur möglichen und unmöglichen Obstacles gab es auch einen Best Trick Contest. Diesen Konnte Jo aus Münster für sich entscheiden (u.a. 360 royal ao topsoul). Zweiter wurde der „Ulmer Local“ Felix (cab kindgrind, …). Die Preise wurden gesponsort von Gleis4 Streetwear und The Conference. Die Session lief bis spät in die Nacht und endete erst als wirklich keiner mehr stehen konnte.

Nachdem die ganze Aktion gut ankam werde ich mich bemühen das ganze nächstes jahr wieder zu verantalten.
Vorher gibts noch ein paar kleine nightsessions mit Generator, irgendwo in münchen.
Danke nochmal an die Sponsoren – Gleis 4 Streetware und The Conference! und danke an alle die da waren und zur Guten Stimmung beigetragen haben.

daniel prell - desaster ao topsoul

daniel prell - desaster ao topsoul

Bestes Kostüm - Dagmar aus München

open the post to see the rest of the pictures!

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Kiev – Ukrain

October 11, 2010 at 2:56 pm (Skating, Tales)

currently im in kiev – ukrain. The original plan was to skate a competition and film some tricks. Unfortuately I dislocated my right shoulder during the competition so I wasnt able to film/skate.

1 day after the competition someone already uploaded some raw tricks. check this out:

most important – thanks oleg for the accomodation, for the good time and everything! Kiev was one of the best trips!
It was/is amazing to hang out with all you guys! Ill see you at my leaving party tonight 🙂

— Ill write a bit more when im home, also upload some pictures n stuff.

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Real Street Stuttgart – best trick (updated 02.07.2010)

June 21, 2010 at 3:25 am (Danielll, Pictures, Tales)

Saturday 19th June 2010.
After 4h of sleep my doorbell rang – basti, dagmar, dario & france saved me a place in the car. After some time in traffic jams we arrived in rainy Stuttgart.
Luckily the rain stopped before we decided skate park.

topacid to topacid - sebastian hofer shot

If you have pics or a video hook me up with the link, ill post it here so everybody will be able to find everything.

Rise postet some more pics. RISE

a short clip from the desaster royal on facebook (stefan fodor)
more pics from markus on facebook.
more pics from richie s. on facebook.
more pics from dagmar on her blog.
there is a first edit from wolfi on vimeo.
some more pics on city life blog.
There will be more on be-mag.

READ THE REST OF THE ENTRY FOR more pictures and my personal impression.

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