Usd is the best skate company. check http://www.usd-skate.com
Im proud to skate for USD, they have been supporting my skating for a long time now.
The carbon II is the best skate I ever had.

Grindhouse. Europes biggest skateshop. supporting rollerblading since 1995 – All you need to roll.
I can`t even begin to tell you how much support I got from grindhouse since I started riding for them.
The guys at grindhouse love rollerblading and support skaters, events, mags, you name it…
Not only did they hook me up with skates, money, clothes, wheels, bearings – thanks to grindhouse I met some of my best friends.
I wouldnt skate for any other shop. Grindhouse is the best PERIOD!

Kizer. definitely the best frames available! http://www.kizer-skate.com
Ive been skating kizer fluid frames 3 years before I started to ride for them, since then I found no other frame company able to compete
with kizer. Kizer is constantly workin on new products. I helped redisigning the fluid and they came up with the fluid 2 with “my” overworked groove.
I hear people complaining about broken CC frames, GC frames, … im skating Kizer for ages and NEVER broke a frame.
Thanks Kizer for the most reliable frames on the market.

Undercover. High Quality Wheels for little money. http://www.undercover-wheels.com
Undercover is one of the leading wheel companies – not without reason. They are constantly working on new ways to make your wheels last longer,
roll faster and look better. Few years ago I had a pro wheel and who knows maybe ill have another one soon.

Bulletprufe skate denim – high quality jeans, but also some shirts and other stuff,
but mostly awesome jeans.
check them out on facebook



  1. Stephen Guidon said,

    i would realy like to be sponsored because i am only 14 have the eger to become better
    it would make me want to improve in my skating and i would try alot more tricks and i hope u guys will pick me 🙂

  2. madagaskar-schnitzel said,

  3. brownbrian said,

    ich war ein usd flow rider vor ein paar jahren….. ich hab mit dem prell auch geskatet in wuerzburg skatepark und in stuttgart street skaten

  4. Oli Benet said,

    U rock!

  5. Inlinerj said,

    I am sponsored, and I’m 11 I’ll do it now 2 years. But I can not grind with crossed legs: (

    • danielll said,

      im pretty sure ull learn those unity tricks soon. start with stalls id say 😉 good luck!

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