WTF just happened? German championships + Revolte Köln.

October 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm (Pictures, Tales) (, , , , , , , , , )

Ok – Max, Michi & Me went to wuppertal (7 hours drive) for the final of the Grindhouse miniramp masters. I didnt skate for 2 weeks cause I injured my knee (torn meniscus). Anyway we skated the friday night session till probably 2 – met up with Adrien & Sarah & Kevin (our host) and finished the night at about 6 with way too much beer n’ stuff.

The competition was fun – though I couldn’t really skate – fooled around a bit but couldn’t move fast and my knee hurt bad. Anyway we all had a lot of fun – I’m glad I skated cause the final session with my bro JO and the others cause it was awesome. Anyway I somehow ended up 3rd place and thus won the overall Title of German Champion.

1. Jo rodeo 5 –    2. Max philips 7 –         3. Me stale 3 trans –      4. Michi weird handflip
pics by basti hofer

a short clip of a tap wallride and a 450 wallfail

Aaaaand then it began. We bought beer & vodka, drove to cologne – met up with our friends Artur & Denis where the party warmup was already in full swing. As it was already pretty late we decided to skip the shower and join the drinking.

Well actually everything was “normal” till this guy started to play:

Suddenly weird things happened all over the place.

Some highlights:

multiple beer & water showers all over the place. stolen & regained caps. superawesome music played way too loud. The mendatorily lost hofer who ended up sleeping in his car just in front of our place. An “interesting” encounter with the police. Jo faced the cake some girl brought for some reason. Crazy colors all over the place. I ended up not wearing my shirt all evening long cause it was soaked with mostly beer (I guess). Michi lost his glasses on the dancefloor and once again I found them (2nd or 3rd time this happened).
JO fell cause the wall he wanted to lean on suddenly didn’t excist anymore. Ouh and I just found out there was a second floor 🙂
Conclusion: Revolte is the most disgusting party ever. I FUCKING LOVE IT!

I want to thank GRINDHOUSE and the guys for the competition.  AND thanks for everybody who destroyed the party.
ouh and – I’m the german miniramp champion 2012 HA! 🙂


if you want to see some more skating related pictures click HERE.


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20 minutes winterclash 2012 raw edit

October 4, 2012 at 1:21 pm (Skate video) (, , , , , , , )

20 minutes raw winterclash 2012 – selection of the best tricks ive filmed.

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current ranking of the german miniramp masters series

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seams legit 😉

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Augsburg gets a Skatepark – support us with your vote

November 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm (Danielll) (, , , , , , )

To make it short.
we need like 2000 votes to get a donation of 1000€

these 1000€ we are going to use to build new/better obstacles in the indoorskatepark we are currently building (in augsburg/germany).

we opened a facebook event – there you can find all the informations you need.

if you want to know more you can also send me an email

So what is there to do?
1. Vote – IMPORTANT – you can vote 3 times with one email
2. approve the approvement email youll get
3. tell your friends about this – make your mom and dad vote – its a good thing to support and it doesnt take much time to help some fellow skaters

This HUGE foam-pit is the last addition to the park – but we need more wood to add a good street area.

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Nightsession II

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Daniel Prell - bs royal

Some time ago the Augsburg connection saved up money to buy a generator.
Saturday the 18th September we called some friends to meet up in the newly opened bowl (munich).
To check out more pictures (rus-star) and find out about the session read the whole entry.

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